Former CNN News Anchor Bernard Shaw Dies at 82

Former CNN News Anchor Bernard Shaw Dies at 82: Bernard Shaw, a pioneering Black broadcaster who served as CNN’s top anchor for 20 years, passed away. He was best known for his calm reporting of the Gulf War’s outbreak in 1991 while surrounded by missiles in Baghdad. He was 82. Tom Johnson, the former president and CEO of CNN, passed away on Wednesday from pneumonia at a hospital in Washington.

Shaw spent 20 years working for CNN and was renowned for keeping his composure under duress. His coverage of Baghdad during the 1991 American-led invasion of Iraq to free Kuwait was characterized by dramatic images of bombings and anti-aircraft fire in the capital city, which CNN aired.

In a 2014 interview with NPR, Shaw noted, “One of the things I strove for in all the years of preparation to be anchor was to be able to manage my emotions in the middle of hell breaking out.” And I believe I completed my rigorous test for it in Baghdad. Before becoming CNN’s chief anchor in 1980, Shaw had worked as a reporter for CBS and ABC News. He was a former U.S. Marine.

Former CNN News Anchor Bernard Shaw Dies at 82
Former CNN News Anchor Bernard Shaw Dies at 82

In 1988, he mediated a presidential debate; in 1989, he covered demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, China. However, his outstanding on-the-ground reporting in Baghdad with reporters Peter Arnett and John Holliman was crucial in establishing CNN as a major news organization. It was the only cable news network available then, while broadcast news was dominated by ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Johnson claimed that Bernard Shaw “exhibited excellence throughout his life.” He will be regarded as a fervent supporter of ethical journalism. Chris Licht, the current CEO of CNN, paid tribute to Shaw as a CNN original who had lately appeared on the network to offer comments. Shaw retired at the age of 61.

Despite everything he accomplished in journalism, he told NPR that “I don’t think it was worth it” because of everything he lost out on with his family while working.

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