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Jersey Shore Angelina Is A New Winnie From Staten Island

Your Jersey Shore Angelina Is A New Winnie From Staten Island

Your Jersey Shore Angelina Is A New Winnie From Staten Island

Jersey Shore Angelina Is A New Winnie From Staten Island: A 19-year-old named Vinny, who resides in Angelina Pivarnick’s garage, has confirmed that they are more than just buddies. After the divorce, she and her ex-husband Chris Larangeira concluded earlier this year. As production on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation progresses, Angelina has been having a romantic relationship with Vinny, a resident of Staten Island whom she first met on Instagram. He is currently residing in the garage of her Freehold Township house.

Many people who follow the MTV series want to know if the two are formally dating, but she has said there is no label on their relationship. “I’m not at that place of truly envisioning a future with somebody,” she admitted.

Meet Angelina’s Newest Boyfriend Vinny

Vinny is a 19-year-old Staten Islander who should not be mistaken for Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore. Before deciding to have a formal in-person meeting, he and Angelina started corresponding on Instagram. On the Family Vacation episode airing on September 8th, Angelina announced the identity of her new boyfriend.

Your Jersey Shore Angelina Is A New Winnie From Staten Island

Despite the revelation, many believe that she and Vinny G, a show original, are still in love. “Like, when I tell you there’s not an ounce of energy or anything in my body that has any type of love interest toward Angelina, I assure you,” he said in a March interview with US Weekly. No, I don’t.

Vinny Lives in Her Garage

According to EU App, Vinny, whose face has not been seen on the show, resides in Angelina’s garage at her house in Freehold Township. She filed for divorce from her ex-husband Chris in January, finalized in July. Since they conversed with each other during Pauly D’s girlfriend Nikki Hall’s 30th birthday party, some fans have speculated that she and Vinny Guadagnino would reconcile.

However, Vinny has stated that they are just friends. On “Jersey Shore” Season 2, they met and began dating after ten years. Regarding her relationship with Vinny G, Angelina remarked, “I’m older, wiser, and better.”

Angelina and Vinny’s Timeline

Vinny, 19, and Angelina, 19, have been more than pals for a short period—a maximum of a few months. Although he technically resides with her, they have not formalized their relationship and are currently simply having fun. According to EU App, Angelina stated: He’s jacked as (blank), but I’m not at a place where I can genuinely picture a future with anyone right now. I’m going to have fun right now.

Everyone wants me and Vinny [Guadagnino] to get together, Angelina said earlier in the episode. Pauly D adds that Vinny G and Angelina are both unmarried and that they had had relationships in the past.

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