Death Note’s “L” Appearance, History and Character

“L” a famous detective worldwide, has tasked finding the serial killer Kira. During his inquiries L begins to suspect Light Yagami and becomes obsessed with establishing once and for all that Light is Kira.

L Lawliet Appearance

L is a tall, thin, pale young man with messy black hair that goes down to his neck and black eyes. Because of his chronic insomnia, he has a prominent shadow under each eye. L is consistently seen in blue trousers and a white button-down shirt with long sleeves.

He likes to go shoeless and sockless practically wherever he goes. His visit to Light Yagami’s school provided evidence of this, as he sat on a bench without shoes before getting up to leave. When walking, L also has a habit of slouching.

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L Lawliet Character

L keeps to himself and only lets his aide Watari tell the world what he’s up to. He never reveals his true identity instead uses an “Old English MT” or “Cloister Black” capital letter as his public persona. Since Watari’s “W” in the “Old English MT” looks different, it’s more likely to be “Cloister Black.”

L Lawliet Character
L Lawliet Character

After meeting with the Japanese Task Force he asks that for his protection they address him as “Ryuzaki.” As far as I can tell neither the manga nor the anime ever divulges his real identity to the Task Force.

People often doubt L’s intelligence since his unkempt and sluggish demeanor belies his extraordinary deduction capabilities. L is exceedingly precise and analytical and often doubts the veracity of his information. He is skilled at deception and will go to any lengths to solve a case.

Some of his methods are quite audacious, like when he had a death row inmate impersonate him on live TV to lure out Kira, while others, like when he handcuffed himself to Light Yagami, who he suspected of being Kira, were weird to everyone involved. A sarcastic sense of humor and the willingness to use it are also demonstrated in his character. He is usually quite polite, although he can come out as condescending to some people, such Task Force member Shuichi Aizawa.

L Lawliet History

L was discovered by Watari when he was eight years old and was brought to the orphanage for talented kids known as Wammy’s House. After realizing that L possessed extraordinary intelligence, Watari eventually helped L with his cases. L, whose exact age when he started his career in law enforcement is unclear, is widely regarded as the best investigator ever.

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