Did India And Durk Break Up? Is it Confirmed in Instagram Star’s Cryptic Post?

The Illinois-born American rapper Lil Durk and his muse India Royale may have called it quits. The long-time lovers that made hip-hop fans believe in love may have broken up. They have been an inspiration and fans hoped that they would be married soon enough. But with the break-up news circulating all around the internet, is it true that India and Durk broke up? We think they may have since India’s cryptic post is suggestive of that. So, what signs hint at India and Durk’s break-up?

 India Royale’s Cryptic Post

The break-up rumors about India Royale and Lil Durk have been spreading like wildfire. So, India took to Twitter to post a cryptic message that made fans believe about their breakup. It said, “I’m a free agent,” which led to the speculation as clarified by The Shade Room’s Instagram post. On Sunday, 11th September, the entire thing was revealed. Moreover, on further digging, fans found out that India had unfollowed her lover or ex-lover to be precise on Instagram. But Druk is still following.

The Shade Room captioned the post, “Oop! Fans believe that #LilDurk and #IndiaRoyale broke up after India tweeted that she is a “free agent.” She also appears to have unfollowed Durk on Instagram!”

To further confirm the speculations, it is seen that India has removed all of the pictures of the couple from her social media. The tweet was the final sign that the fans needed to know more about the situation. Fans were literally in shock as the couple had been dating each other for four years and then in December 2021, they got engaged. They even had a child, Willow Banks, in October of 2018 

The couple was pretty happy and fans were sure that everything was fine. In fact, Royal also gifted an iced-out eternity band to her lover whereas, in March, Lil Durk took his fiancé out on a $111 thousand shopping spree. They never stopped themselves from spoiling each other. But it seems like the couple is going in different directions from now onwards.

Why Did India Royale And Lil Durk break up?

No one knows as of now what went wrong between the couple. But MandyNews.com’s report claims that maybe India is unwilling to continue this relationship anymore. It has been five years since the couple started being with each other. India has one son from her previous relationship, whereas Durk has five more children. After having their child together in 2018, the fans hoped to see them walking down the aisle. But with the sudden news of the breakup, fans can only wonder if that will ever happen.

Moreover, it wasn’t reported that the couple was having tension or any differences. The couple who apparently looked happy had so much behind the scenes. Thus, it is taking time for the media and fans to process the fact that the couple might have actually broken off.

How Did Fans React To The Break-up News of India And Lil Durk?

Fans are very disheartened by this news. Actually, the couple had set goals and standards for the lovers and when such a break-up without any clarification took place, it had to be struggling for the fans as well. Fans are usually connected to the lives of their favorite stars and in this case, even, they feel to be associated. From the beginning of the love story to the very end, the fans have remained constant and so it is hard to process. That’s why there has been kind of mixed reactions post the break-up news.

So, one fan tweeted, “Durk and India really grew apart over time and that’s what kills me,” he typed. “Sometimes love isn’t forever, no matter how hard you go for each other. Praying for them both, I know that make-up sex would be crazy [fire emoji].”

A lover fan tweeted, “If you and Durk ain’t together no more imma stop dating ’cause y’all were the only hope I had left in love.”

Adding to the chain was someone saying, “Durk and India really grew apart over time and that’s what kills me. Sometimes love isn’t forever, no matter how hard you go for each other. Praying for them both, I know that makeup sex would be crazy.”

But there are also fans who are mocking the situation. One praised Lil Durk for the way she chose to break up. There was this other fan who was concerned about the tattoo, So fans had different reactions to this situation. 


Though we do not know the true reason for the breakup, we hope the reason will be uncovered soon. Most importantly, we want them to be happy at their own pace.

Stay tuned for more updates, Lee Daily.


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