Soul Hackers 2: A Delightful and Digestible Dungeon Crawler!

Soul Hackers 2: Sega and Atlus collaborated on the game’s creation. A JRPG called Soul Hackers 2 is a continuation of the famous 1997 game Soul Hackers. On August 24, 2022, Soul Hackers 2, its sequel, was made available for Xbox One, Series X/S, Playstation 4/5, and PC.

Soul Hackers 2 About

It’s absurd to consider that the Playstation’s first Soul Hackers game came out in 1997. Has there ever been a sequel that was more anticipated than this? Having only played the original game once, more than 20 years ago, and now being a great JRPG enthusiast. The debut of Soul Hackers 2 came as a bit of a surprise. However, this was a chance that was too excellent to pass up.

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Soul Hackers 2 Gameplay

The plot of Soul Hackers 2 sends us on a journey to defend the planet. A super AI with a high level of intelligence has seen Earth being destroyed. To help stop it, they build two AI beings and send them into the world as human twins. You control Ringo, the primary character, who can soul hack someone and view their memories.

Additionally, she possesses the capacity to raise the dead, which is against the wishes of the established order, yet she still uses it. Several times. This provides some insight into Ringo’s nature; he is a character who takes action before thinking things through. She has a clever charm and doesn’t take no for an answer. The figure, her identical twin, is the complete opposite.

Soul Hackers 2
Soul Hackers 2

Out of the group, Figue is the most attentive and compassionate person. The real brains behind the organization and always charming. The other three party members are just the typical JRPG characters you would anticipate. Although the story isn’t fascinating, and you could become tired of it after a while, it makes up for it in gameplay.

The tried-and-true turn-based tactical approach is present, and it is executed flawlessly. Similar to other titles in the genre like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and the Persona series. It draws you in with the promise of easy play but challenging mastery. There are so many elements from the video game Persona that it almost seems like copy and paste.

There is a DLC for it that allows you to purchase clothing from a few different Persona games. There is, therefore, a significant influence. You execute customary and magical attacks, but the excitement is the demons you encounter on your excursions into the city, which is incredibly straight.

Although there are specific well-traveled paths, getting to your destination is always simple. Demons are what you gather while exploring and equip to provide unique fighting advantages. They will go out and find things for you. Therefore they might potentially be a source of looting. One thing to remember when playing Soul Hackers 2 is that, while it may be a JRPG, it is not as simple to defeat adversaries as other games of the same genre allow.

This is different because it deals substantial damage. You must identify an adversary’s weakness. A typical attack would do little else. The special attacks are based on identifying and exploiting an enemy’s weakness. Every time you hit an enemy, you start a chain attack, and the more times you hit an adversary during your turn that has a weakness, the more powerful an attack your demons will make. Even for a game of this caliber, I think the special attacks should be improved, but they’re still not too horrible.

Soul Hackers 2 Graphics and Audio

You can select between more fantastic performances or richer pictures as soon as your first game begins. The actual graphics are excellent. It features typical anime-style sequences and includes attractive cyberpunk locales. Even on the loading screens, for some reason, the flashing lights might occasionally be too much of what you would anticipate from Atlus in terms of graphics.

It would probably be challenging to find a JRPG without a great soundtrack, and Soul Hackers 2 doesn’t disappoint with its battle-screen music or the sad and ominous sounds of the more somber sequences. You will never grow tired of the title screen music because it just nails it. It immediately puts you in a good mood.

Soul Hackers 2 Longevity

Atlus enjoys creating games that lead you to believe you are nearly there to discover you are still in the middle of them. A straightforward and casual game might take 45 hours or so. But if you want to finish the game, it will take about 100 hours, not including the DLC’s additional side missions and story.


You may assume that Soul Hackers 2 doesn’t have much to offer if you said it was a pretty linear game. However, there is a tonne to accomplish, just like in Persona video games. Because there are so many demons in the game to gather, doing side quests, collecting every monster, and even using all the unique chain attacks will take hours.

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