2 Teens Aged 15 and 17 Shot to Death at Lincoln Heights Street Carnival

Two young boys ages 15 and 17 were killed when a gunman shot them at a street carnival in Lincoln Heights on Sunday. Their murderer is still at large. The incident happened near the intersection of North Broadway and Workman Street around 9 p.m. Sunday, where the carnival was being hosted, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police say the guy approached them and fired multiple bullets before fleeing the scene on foot. The victims were only identified as two teenage boys, aged 15 and 17. Their names were not immediately disclosed. They were both pronounced deceased at the site.

Friends of the victims dropped out candles Monday morning to a growing memorial on the sidewalk nearby. They did not wish to appear on camera but told Eyewitness News that the 17-year-old victim was a muralist who liked to show off his talents around the Lincoln Heights neighborhood.

Merilyn Itcep who attended the fair claimed she heard the gunshots ring out. “There was a few gunshots…It first began off, like they were fighting by the petrol station,” she explained. Angel, a fellow carnival participant also recounted a brawl earlier in the night previous to the shooting.

“You could already tell the atmosphere was very heavy. There’s a lot of violence going on, there was a fight earlier,” he claimed, adding that he remembers hearing at least five bullets. Off-camera, a local shopkeeper told Eyewitness News that when she heard the gunfire, she hurried customers inside the store for safety. Her eyes welled up with tears as she explained what she heard and witnessed – she said one of the youngsters died near her shop.

What led up to the shooting is unknown. The neighborhood Boys & Girls Club hosted the carnival. For the sixth year running, a weekend-long festival was held for families. Families of all sizes could be seen strolling along the street to enjoy the various attractions. Then gunfire broke out.

“I think it’s a huge setback for the community because people really loved having a way to bring their families out, their children, have something fun, unique without worrying about this kind of event occurring,” said Carlyn Oropez the Boys & Girls Club. Oropez said it’s unclear whether next year’s festival would go as planned. No one has been arrested and the police haven’t released a description of the suspect.

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