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Ralph Macchio Talks About His Expectations For Season 6 Of ‘Cobra Kai’

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai

It’s likely that you’ve already finished watching all of Season 5 of “Cobra Kai” on Netflix, which premiered on Friday on the streaming site. If you’re a proud couch potato and an excellent binge watcher, you’ve probably already finished the entire season.

That signifies that you are aware that Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith, has been taken into custody, that the Cobra Kai dojo appears to be finished as a result of their victory in the All-Valley tournament in Season 4, and that the good people have triumphed. At the very least, for the time being.

In many respects, Season 5 is about healing old wounds and securing odd alliances for the sake of a larger good. However, Silver’s plans for global expansion are still unknown, and John Kreese’s (Martin Kove) escape from prison disrupts what should be a pleasant finish for the story. To put it another way, there is potential for more in the event that Netflix decides to continue the series for a sixth season.

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai

Ralph Macchio, who plays Daniel LaRusso, said in an interview with TheWrap that “There’s always fertile ground for additional stories,” adding that “clearly the set up with how this season finishes helps.” “When Season 5 comes to a close, you do get the sense that ‘OK, we’ve done it!'”

“From the LaRusso side, Amanda and Daniel could eat dinner and not talk about karate for an evening or maybe even for an entire weekend without it being awkward. But it’s possible that some seeds have been planted on a global scale, and those seeds suggest that maybe this isn’t done just yet.

A worldwide perspective may help influence the tale of “Cobra Kai” as it moves forward, but it has also assisted in making the series an even bigger hit in real life. The “Karate Kid” legacy sequel series got its beginnings as an original YouTube production during the first two seasons of the show before it was bought by Netflix.

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai

According to the Nielsen ratings, once it debuted on the platform in August 2020, it quickly rose to the top of the charts to become the streaming service’s most popular show in the United States. According to William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence on the show, the content of the show is “produced the same” across both YouTube and Netflix.

“Thank goodness, we were able to establish ourselves on YouTube, and the staff there was wonderful. They gave us the creative freedom to explore, and we’ve taken that concept and adapted it so that Netflix can give us the same freedom. So far, everything that’s been tried has been successful.

Ralph Macchio Cobra Kai

Therefore, the experience of making the product is the same. But the experience of promoting Netflix, with how large and extensive it is, and working with the commercial team there has been like entering an entirely new planet. Macchio is of the same opinion and emphasizes that “you feel the global presence that Netflix has.” Having around 220 million customers worldwide will undoubtedly accomplish that for a show.

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