Ukraine’s Last Reactor At Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant Shuts Down

Ukraine’s Last Reactor At Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant Shuts Down: As violence continues in the area, Europe’s largest nuclear plant has been reconnected to Ukraine’s energy system, allowing engineers to shut down its last functioning reactor. Zaporizhzhia’s six-reactor plant has been without external power for a week after shelling severed all power cables leading to the facility.

This machine ran in island mode “for many days, using its lone remaining operable reactor to power essential cooling systems. Energoatom, a nuclear power company, reported that one of the affected transmission lines had been returned “to its operational capacity.” “late Saturday, allowing the plant’s safety and other systems to operate on electricity from the Ukrainian power grid.

Therefore, it was decided to put power unit 6 into its safest condition, known as cold shutdown, “the business read. The chief of Energoatom told The Associated Press on Thursday that the plant only has diesel fuel for ten days and that there is a “high risk” that the plant will lose outside power again, in which case emergency diesel generators would have to be started to keep the reactors cool and prevent a nuclear meltdown.

Ukraine's Last Reactor At Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant Shuts Down
Ukraine’s Last Reactor At Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant Shuts Down

Since the conflict’s earliest days, Russian soldiers have held the plant, which ranks among the top 10 largest atomic power stations worldwide. Ukraine and Russia blamed each other for firing near the plant, which damaged the electricity lines linking it to the grid. As a “demilitarised zone” is established at the Zaporizhzhia plant, Energoatom has reiterated its call for the Russian military to withdraw “outside of it.

United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency. On Sunday, the nuclear watchdog verified to the AP that the plant’s external power had been restored. The agency has two experts on site.

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