Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating Each Other? The Ultimate Relationship Timeline!

Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating? Do you wish to learn more about Southern Charm’s Austen and Olive’s romantic history together? As promised, here is an all-new article discussing Austen and Oliva’s romance.

In a recent American reality show Southern Charm episode, Austen and Olive made a guest appearance. Starting on March 3, 2014, the series debuted on Bravo for the first time. The show depicts the private and professional lives of several Charleston, South Carolina, socialites.

There is a heavy emphasis on Southern history, culture, and political events. Lewisfield Plantation and Mikell House, two local historical landmarks, also make appearances. In the most current season of Southern Charm, both Austen and Olivia made guest appearances.

They began their charming romance there. The essay continues with an examination of the dating history and timeline of Austen and Olivia. But before we do that, it would be helpful to learn more about the two.

Who is Austen Kroll?

Born on June 16, 1987, 34-year-old Austen are an entrepreneur, a certified beer server, a television personality, and a social media influencer. He traces back his root to Washington D.C., United States.

Austen’s business, Calling Brewing Co., has become relatively prosperous. Long before he started his own business, he had already put in time at Palmetto Brewing Company, Red Hare Brewing CO, and a few others.

Who is Olivia Flowers?

Alternatively, Olivia Flowers is a well-known American actress, model, and internet sensation. Olivia, born on April 27, 1992, has acted in several films, including 2019’s We Follow You and 2016’s Chasing Waves.

Still, she first gained widespread attention through her role in the reality series Southern Charm. She is their daughter, born to parents Garry Flowers and Robin Conner Flowers. Olivia’s dad is a high-ranking executive at the Fluor Corporation.

She graduated from Westlake Academy and then transferred to Clemson University. She’s got a B.A. in Sociology under her belt.

Austen and Olivia Dating Timeline

Austen and Olivia’s relationship life has been a roller coaster ride since they first met. However, they have made it official this year through the reality show. Their relationship speculations have been in the air since 2021.

The two have been shooting for the Bravo series. There were whispers of a possible romance between them after that. Dates and time spent together quickly stoked the flames of passion between them.

Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating?
Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating?

At the Great Gatsby party hosted by Kathryn Dennis in the season eight premiere, Austen and Olivia went on their first formal date. He informed Rose about how he felt about Flowers.

Even though he was out with Olivia, he nearly lost it when his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy walked in. Kroll and LeCroy had been dating for two years before Olivia came into his life, but they eventually broke up.

Are Austen and Olivia Still Together?

Austen and Olivia have been spending a lot of time together, traveling, and discovering new areas. However, their first meeting was not very successful. However, Austen and Olivia complement one other well.

While filming Southern Charm with Craig Conover and Dennis in October of last year, the couple was sighted together. Green posted a gallery of group photos in which Austen and Olivia were visible in December of that same year.

Flowers and her boyfriend are seen cuddling in the images. Dennis posted a cute snapshot of the couple to his social media in February of this year. It was clear from the picture that the actress and her co-stars had returned to Charleston for filming. After that, more sightings and photographs were taken of the pair together.

Recently, discussions among Austen and Olivia’s devoted audience have dominated online forums. Many viewers believe their on-screen passion and attraction never went beyond the realm of fiction, and the couple has broken up following the launch of season eight.

Nonetheless, to everyone’s astonishment, the two are just getting closer. They’re still going out and having a good time together.

Olivia has remained unwavering in her support of Austen despite the backlash he has received for his poor behavior on the show. Their dating status became a topic of conversation not too long ago. They not only ended the split rumors but also made it clear that they’re more vital than ever as a couple.


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