Former President’s Daughter Malia Obama Has Been Caught Smoking!

Malia Obama, the daughter of President Barack Obama is beginning to feel the effects of the stress that comes with working a typical five-day workweek. Malia Obama, now 23 years old and in Los Angeles, appears to have started smoking cigarettes shortly after securing a position that required her to work full time.

Earlier this week, an observation was made of the oldest child of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama smoking a cigarette in the back of her office building, near the garbage cans. She did not attempt to cover up the fact that she occasionally indulged in some naughty behaviour.

Malia Obama smoking
Malia Obama smoking

Malia did not apologize as she brought the cigarette to her mouth and started smoking while intentionally gazing at the paparazzi in the area. The vibrant yellow sweater and green cargo pants that the former first daughter wore made her stand out in a crowd thanks to their attention-grabbing combination.

Malia Obama Obama gave the impression that she required the break more than anyone else because she smoked with one hand while holding her lighter. This gave the impression that she needed the break more than anybody else.

Malia has been contributing to the brand-new project that Donald Glover is collaborating on with Amazon in her capacity as a writing staff member. It would appear that she has made some new acquaintances as a direct result of the experiences that she has gone through.

After taking a cigarette break, Malia was seen by a coworker striking a pose and smiling for the camera, after which she returned to work. Her coworker also captured images of her in action. However, Malia is not the only daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, who has found success in the entertainment field. Sasha and Sasha Obama both have music careers.

Sasha, the youngest kid in the family, is putting in a lot of effort in school while her older sister is working long hours to establish herself as a writer in the competitive entertainment industry. She was rumored to have transferred from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Early this week, the 20-year-old was seen in the neighborhood near the school. Sasha kept the appearance of being a laid-back, calm person by donning a pair of undone, baggy overalls and a tie-dye crop top with long sleeves. The young daughter of Barack Obama opted to carry a side bag rather than a backpack as she walked through several folks sporting the USC mascot on their clothing.

Malia Obama smoking
Malia Obama smoking

This allowed her to display both her navel ring and her belly button ring at the same time. Since their father left office in 2017, the Obama girls have made steps to avoid being in the public glare. However, this strategy has not always been successful for Malia, especially when avoiding the media. Because of the choices that she has made in the past, her behaviour regarding smoking is currently the least of her father’s concerns at this point.

Regarding their academic endeavours, Malia and Sasha both have exceptional levels of intelligence. After completing her senior year of high school, Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack Obama, graduated from Harvard University. Sasha has not yet finished all of the years of schooling that she intended to during her life.

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