Queen Elizabeth II Final Flight: Royal Air Force Plane Carrying Coffin Sets Tracking Record

The season for breaking flight tracking records is currently in full swing. The final trip of Queen Elizabeth II carrying her coffin has broken a record, setting a new benchmark for flight tracking on FlightRadar24 weeks after Nancy Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan did so.

To transport the Queen’s coffin to the UK, the Royal Air Force recently flew a C-17 from Edinburgh to RAF Northolt near London. With 5 million individuals following the flight’s real-time location, it breaks the all-time flight monitoring record on Flightradar24.

4.79 million people saw the flight on the Flightradar24 website and mobile app. In comparison, 296,000 people watched it live on YouTube. 6 million individuals tried to click on the jet carrying the Queen the first minute after the RAF C-17’s transponder activated.

Comparatively, 2.2 million passengers boarded Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker, on her aircraft to Taiwan. This makes Queen’s final flight the one that receives the most global attention.

Queen Elizabeth II Final Flight
Queen Elizabeth II Final Flight

On Tuesday evening, Queen Elizabeth II’s casket was returned to Buckingham Palace. Thousands of people waited in line through a rainy London to see the hearse and say their final goodbyes.

After ruling for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, passed away on September 8 and became the UK’s longest-reigning Queen. She passed away at her Scottish estate, where she had spent most of the summer. King Charles III has been proclaimed the next King of the UK, succeeding the Queen, who ascended to the throne in 1952.

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