Is Jess King Pregnant? Truth or Are Just Fake Reports?

Is Jess King Pregnant? A teacher at Peloton, Jess King, is expecting her first child. On Saturday, the fitness trainer announced to her 30-minute cycling class that she and her partner, Sophia Urista, were expecting their first child.

The 36-year-old woman screamed, “I’m pregnant!” while out on a bike ride. Sophia and I expressed excitement at the prospect of welcoming a new life into our family and becoming mothers.

Who Is Jess King?

Jessica King is a well-known figure who used to dance professionally. And she also works as a fitness instructor for the “Peloton” company that manufactures exercise bikes. Jessica entered this world in 1985, and she has spent her entire life at Myrtle Beach.

The ex-dancer has been aware of the need for exercise since she was a child. Before becoming an actress, Jess King worked as a dancer. Numerous people want to know if Jess King is expecting. Research Jess King’s background first.

Is Jess King Pregnant?

Yes. Pregnant Jess King posted a picture of her growing belly to Instagram. She shared the news that she and her fiance, Sophia Urista, will be expecting a child later this year during a 30-minute live house ride on May 7.

Jess held her pregnant belly in the photo she posted on Instagram, where she was also seen wearing a matching blue patterned outfit and other jewelry pieces. She smiled as she cast her gaze toward her growing belly. Already obsessed, she said in the photo’s description.

Is Peloton Instructor Jess King Gay?

In other words, Jess King is gay. The Peloton teacher and her current fiance have been together since 2015. Sophia Urista is the name of Jess King’s partner. The former dancer told Pop Sugar that she and her current partner, Sophia, met at a lounge in New York City. Jess had an office at the time, and Sophia frequently stopped to rehearse.

Sophia Urista, Jess King’s significant other, sings and writes songs for the bands Brass Against and MINK. The singer became famous in 2021 after urinating on a concertgoer, to the dismay of her legion of admirers worldwide. Sophia used Twitter to apologize for her behavior.

How Did Sophia Urista And Jess King Meet?

In 2015, the twosome had their initial encounter. Soon after first laying eyes on Sophia, Jess King found herself unable to look away. The personal trainer fell in love at first sight. King admitted that, despite never having been with a woman before, she was immediately attracted to Urista upon meeting her. However, King lacked the nerve to approach her.

Is Jess King Pregnant?
Is Jess King Pregnant?

The following year, Jess ran with Urista again at The Box, the New York City cabaret nightclub where she works as a fitness instructor, and she didn’t waste any time striking up a conversation.

Jess King Engaged To Sophia Urista

The couple got engaged after being together for five years. In September 2020, Jessica announced their engagement to her Instagram followers. The caption was written by the trainer and read, “Now she calls me Feyonce.”

Jess King’s Age Difference With Sophia Urista

Presently 36 years old, the trainer will turn 37 in May. Meanwhile, Jess King’s girlfriend Sophia Urista is 37 years old (born on November 1, 1984). In November, Sophia will turn 38 years old. Therefore, there appears to be only a 6-month age gap between the couple.

Jess King Partner

Sophia Urista is Jess King’s co-star and ally. In the year 2020, the pair officially became engaged. Jess’ first job out of college was dancing professionally. In addition to becoming the star in a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, she also toured as a dance instructor.

For the 2008 season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” Jess placed in the show’s top ten. While performing in New York City, Jess was encouraged by the show’s producer to apply for a job as a coach with the fitness brand Peloton. King, Jess, has decided to pursue a career as a teacher.

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