The ‘Born Pink’ Landmark Pop Album Is What The Blackpink’s Were Born To Complete!

The ‘Born Pink’ Landmark Pop Album Is What The Blackpink’s Were Born To Complete: The biggest K-pop girl group in the world, Blackpink is comprised of four women and is the epitome of swagger in human form.

Without even the slightest trace of diluting what they do, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie have become a global cultural phenomenon that has even taken over America. Blackpink’s much-awaited new album, pink, is their first since The Scrapbook, which they released in 2020.

Like The Scrapbook, pink is also short and sweet, consisting of 8 tracks that are virtually all 3 minutes long and bristle with brassy rhythmic certainty. They are true rock stars, even when they are heartbroken girls. And they eventually released the major pop album they had in them the entire time.

Blackpink continues telling you that you aren’t even as cool as they are somewhere born pink, but at least you get to appreciate their magnetic shine. All four are tributes to the skill of being a girl who achieves what she wants and is born pink.

On the great song “Hard to Love,” they sing, “I’ll be all you need till I drive you mad,” which is the ideal Blackpink maxim. After a period of development during which Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie released separate music, they are back with born pink. But compared to The Scrapbook, it’s faster, wiser, and much more enjoyable.

They strut with the explosive panache of a vintage 80s glam-metal band, at the level of Poison or Motley Crue, especially when Rosé exclaims, “I’m so rock & roll! ” during the summer’s biggest hit, “Pink Venom,” which alternates between English and Korean. “ Shut Down” is an example of a typical scene when these women drive fast while listening to a looping trap beat.

The 'Born Pink' Landmark Pop Album Is What The Blackpink's Were Born To Complete
The ‘Born Pink’ Landmark Pop Album Is What The Blackpink’s Were Born To Complete

They hug their competitors and photographers while sneering, “Pray for my demise? It’s been tried, baby. The girls chant, “Whip it, whip it whip it, whip it / Keep watching me put it out,” invoking Missy Elliott in these rooms.

Blackpink brags about being both pop stars and rock stars in the song “Shut Down,” thus it makes fitting that the album’s biggest hits are fierce rock & roll anthems. The album’s conclusion, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” is a lavish, extravagant synth-disco flourish over a jagged guitar riff that falls somewhere between Kelly Clarkson‘s “Since U Been Gone” and the Cars’ “Let’s Go.”

With its incisive punk guitar and the first phrase, “I shout ‘fuck it when I feel it,” “Tally” immediately draws your attention. Blackpink doesn’t give a damn if you don’t feel it. “While you talkin’ all that trash, I’ll get mine,” they sang.

“The Happiest Girl in the World,” an all-English ballad about swallowing suffering with the hook, “I can stop the tears if I want to,” is the only letdown on born pink. Blackpink can manage sorrowful songs, but they perform best when they emphasize that having fun is a right of every female. They are a fantastic pop group, and born pink is the extraordinary pop record for which they were created.

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