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On General Hospital The Identity Of The “Hooker” Serial Killer Has Been Revealed

Who is the hook killer on General Hospital

Who is the hook killer on General Hospital

We were under the impression that we had the mystery solved. Then we were shown the consequences of making assumptions about the situation. Earlier in the week, we were confident that we had solved a secret, which is something that the Port Charles Police Department has only seldom been able to do.

On the other hand, the opinions of other General Hospital watchers have abruptly cast doubt on our convictions. They believe that the person who killed the hook is someone we had not even considered, and that person is Rory.

Some people have the impression that this is nothing more than wishful thinking; more specifically, they have the belief that it is wishful thinking to believe that if the new cop on the beat turns out to be a psycho, then this would make it possible for Trina and Spencer to get together finally. On the other hand, some have presented some evidence that can’t be ignored. As an illustration, Tori O’Leary tweeted, “I keep gazing at that hooker photo.” [Citation needed] “Looks like the hooker has dark hair. That leaves Ryan or Rory.

Who is the hook killer on General Hospital

“But why would Ryan want to injure the person he knows to be his one true love, Ava?” She went on to say more. “Perhaps he is aware of her altercation with Esme,” you speculate. Or maybe it isn’t Ryan at all.

Julian Brown observed that “everyone thinks Rory is the hooker because Ava and Joss are both close to Trina, and he wants her for himself.” [Citation needed] “Everyone thinks Rory is the hooker because he wants Trina for himself.” “The one thing that completely debunks that hypothesis,” he said, “is that I find it hard to think that a rookie cop like him could dominate a former Marine,” which is an interesting point. Excellent point. Also, if Rory wanted to get rid of everyone who may divert Trina’s attention away from him, he would have started with Spencer, wouldn’t he have?

Christa Huffman admitted that she had moved Rory to the top of the suspect’s list not because she thought he was a likely candidate for the crime but because she wasn’t all that interested in the character. Rory had been moved to the top of the list because Christa Huffman wasn’t all that interested in nature. “On top of that, he works with the PCPD. Fans of General Hospital should know by this point that the police in Port Charles isn’t always on the up and up.

OvercomerBride observed, “with Brando on his knees; it’s impossible to tell how tall the hooker is.” Brando was kneeling because the hooker rally was too tall for him. On the other hand, his build is very similar to Rory’s.

Because if it turns out that Rory does have homicidal tendencies, “that would mean Joss, Portia, Taggert and everyone else who thought he was better for Trina than Spencer will have to eat crow,” this particular viewer was especially delighted in the possibility that Rory has homicidal tendencies. If it turns out that he does, “that would mean Joss, Portia, Taggert, and everyone else who thought he was better. I sincerely hope that turns out to be the case.

In The End, It Can Only Be One Person

The identity of the “hooker” without a good heart is the focus of an intriguing little mystery developed at General Hospital. However, we believe we have identified the person who committed the crime. We have reason to believe that you will concur with us after reviewing the evidence alongside us.

The Red Herrings

To begin, the soap opera wanted viewers to have suspicions about Spencer. And, to tell you the truth, even he was afraid that he had attacked his evil stepmother at the Quartermaines’ charity picnic because he had been so intoxicated and enraged. On the other hand, the newest prisoner at Pentonville could not have possibly attacked Brando this week, given his circumstances.

Ava’s estranged husband, Nikolas, has also been shown to be racing around and making his point incredibly pointedly, and the show has hinted at this possibility. If Ava followed through with their divorce, it would put a significant dent in his financial situation and give him a reason to act in a certain way.

However, Nikolas does not desire for his wife to pass away as much as he wants for her to remain by his side until the day they both pass away — and not by his hand, either. He can’t get enough of Ava!

The ‘No Way!’ Candidate

Given her previous history of mental health issues, Elizabeth has to be considered a potential suspect. She was so concerned about what she was capable of doing in her current state that she decided to seek therapy at an institution of her own will.

Losing track of time is one thing, but losing it so thoroughly that she would start going around poking people — people with whom she doesn’t even have a dispute — is a huge step forward in terms of how much time she has lost.

The Usual Suspects

This takes us to Ryan, who is always the first person people in Port Charles start pointing their fingers at whenever there is a murderer on the loose in the city. However, it can’t possibly be him. Although the person who attacked Ava and Brando was left-handed — just like one-handed Ryan is — this does not change the fact that he is just as smitten with Nikolas’ wife as Nikolas is. He’d instead skewer Nikolas than Ava on a spear.

After all of that, there is only one person who can provide an answer to the question of whodunit: Esme. She despises Ava with a ferocity that rivals the blaze that broke out at the Port Charles Hotel all those years ago. And if Esme has washed up on the beach following her fall from the Wyndemere’s Parapet of Doom, you can be sure that she will be looking for a way to exact her revenge.

But why would Esme want to cause Brando harm? If you remember correctly, it appeared as though the hooker was following Josslyn, who is high up on the target list of the villainess. We believe he was there at the wrong location at the inappropriate moment. The conclusion is as follows. We were able to solve the mystery. Or have we already? Leave a comment below with your theories and hypotheses. And while you continue…

Final Line

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