Laura Ingraham Has Been Engaged Twice But Why?

A personality from Fox News, Laura Ingraham is not unaccustomed to being at the centre of a storm. From her days as the editor of her undergraduate newspaper to her current job as the anchor of The Ingraham Angle, she has frequently shown scorn for several communities of individuals, including the LGBTQ+ community, DREAMers and professional athletes who support Black Lives Matter.

It is not a mystery that Ingraham is a staunch supporter of traditional conservative values. She has been ridiculed for her opinions on multiple occasions, including (but not limited to): the time she told LeBron James to keep his political beliefs to himself and to “shut up and dribble,” and the time she made outrageous claims that President Obama sent aid to Africa during an Ebola outbreak because of his guilt over slavery and colonialism, and the time she told 17-year-old mass shooting survivor David Hogg to “shut up and dribble.” She has received blowback

If you knew nothing else about her, you could assume that Ingraham was the loving wife of another conservative activist or politician. You’ve got it wrong! Ingraham has had a series of strange romantic relationships throughout her life, but she has never tied the knot. You might be surprised to see some of the names on her list of ex-boyfriends. Even though she has been romantically involved with some well-known Republicans, such as Lindsey Graham and Dinesh D’Souza, she has also dated some prominent Democrats.

Laura Ingraham Has Been Engaged Twice

In 2005, Ingraham and James Reyes, a beer distributor and real estate billionaire were very close to getting married. The couple became engaged in April but Ingraham broke the news shortly after that that she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Around the same time, they called off their engagement and broke up.

Dinesh D’Souza, a prominent figure in the conservative political movement and Laura Ingraham were formerly engaged. It is believed that they first connected in the 1980s while they were both students at Dartmouth University. The Dartmouth Review employed both individuals.

Is Laura Ingraham Married
Is Laura Ingraham Married

D’Souza, a naturalized American born in Mumbai is the man behind the anti-Obama documentary released in 2016 and titled 2016: Obama’s America. In 2014, he entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of making unlawful campaign contributions. Four years later, Donald Trump granted him a pardon for his actions.

If a person has spent their entire life trying to discredit President Obama, it stands to reason that they would develop romantic feelings for a blonde TV anchor. (Is it so predictable? The fact that he was previously romantically involved with right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter. In an interview he gave Vanity Fair in 2015, he said, “It was my objective to marry the all-American girl.” It would appear that he was never destined to be Laura Ingraham’s spouse.

It’s Rumored That She Dated Lindsey Graham And Donald Trump In The ’90s

There were also rumours that Ingraham had dated a handful of prominent figures in the Republican Party. In 1999, she was seen at The Palm steakhouse in Washington, District of Columbia, cuddling up with Senator Lindsey Graham of North Carolina. She first denied a growing romance between them. Then she switched to a “no comment” posture. Graham’s office likewise declined to comment, as did the White House.

Props to writer Yashar Ali for finding this little-known intel in old New York Post and Washington Post archives:

And is it any wonder that she is a staunch adherent of the MAGA ideology? The magazine “The Atlantic” claims that Ingraham allegedly went out on a date with Donald Trump. Although it doesn’t seem like it went very well, it ended up beneficial for her TV career many years later. Anne Applebaum wrote:

She has known Donald Trump since the 1990s and claims that the two of them once went on a date together. However, the date did not go well since she thought Trump was pretentious. (She told some of their mutual friends, “He needs two distinct cars, one for himself and one for his hair,” she said.) Despite this, she was one of his earliest supporters as he became involved in politics, and she even let him rant about birtherism on her show. She has had unprecedented access to him during his presidency, and she is one of several individuals at Fox that speak with him consistently.

Laura Ingraham Has Also Dated Some Big-Time Democrats

The information that Ingraham’s dating history includes a couple of prominent Democrats is perhaps the most stunning piece of data we’ve uncovered.

According to The New Yorker, she had a brief relationship with Keith Olbermann, a sports writer, and an outspoken Democratic pundit. The former presenter of MSNBC was coy when asked why things never got serious between them. “There were a few problems,” said Olbermann. “There were a few things that I could see were going to be impediments. Oddly, they were not political things.”

Since then, he hasn’t been shy about taking shots at her on social media:

Other rumours circulated that Ingraham dated Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey and that she dated former President Larry Summers of Harvard University. Her relationship with the latter was even validated in a piece published in The Harvard Crimson, the school’s official publication.

Her Current Relationship Status

Since Ingraham has never been married, she is considered a single woman. Even though she has never been married, she is now a mother to a child. Currently, she has three children that she has adopted. The first is her daughter Marie Caroline, who she acquired through adoption from Guatemala in May 2008. She also welcomed Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter, born in Russia, into the family in 2009 and 2011.

“I see purpose in the eyes of a beautiful three-year-old little girl whom I spent years attempting to adopt,” she said in a 2008 speech. “Last month, I was blessed to fly to Guatemala to pick her up and bring her home finally.” Ingraham may one day find a happy medium and settle down. If she does, it seems like she may choose someone in a way that takes us by surprise.

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