Rookie Jaylen Watson Steals the Show as Kansas City Chiefs Knock Uut Chargers 27-24

Rookie Jaylen Watson Steals the Show: In a gripping AFC West game on Thursday Night Football, the Kansas City Chiefs showcased their expertise by coming from behind to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers 27-24.

Jaylen Watson scored a 99-yard pick-six touchdown in the fourth quarter to give the Chiefs a 24-17 lead. Despite all the hype around two exceptional playmakers, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, he stole the show.  The rookie has not had an easy road and was pleased with his accomplishment.

He even took a sabbatical from playing sports at the collegiate level and worked at Wendy’s. Mahomes was closely guarded by a tenacious Chargers defense that limited the home team to just 13 yards in the first quarter as the Chiefs got off to a slow start.

After Herbert connected with Alexander Horvath on a one-yard pass to score his first touchdown of the game three seconds into the second quarter, LA jumped out to an early 10-point lead.

However, Mahomes displayed poise by sidearming a nine-yard touchdown pass to Jerick McKinnon early in the second quarter to cut the deficit to 10-7. With 9:52 remaining in the third, Chargers receiver Mike Williams made an incredible one-handed catch to make the score 17-7.

Two minutes later, Mahomes finished a 75-yard, seven-play drive with a 41-yard bomb to Justin Watson to trim the deficit to three points. After a Matt Ammendola field goal to start the fourth quarter, the game was knotted, and Jaylen Watson had his chance to shine.

Just one yard from the goal line, the Washington State cornerback intercepted Herbert’s pass and returned it for a touchdown, giving the Chiefs their first game lead.

Rookie Jaylen Watson Steals the Show
Rookie Jaylen Watson Steals the Show

With 5:06 remaining in the fourth quarter, Herbert took a shot to the ribs after being shoved to the ground by Chiefs defensive end Mike Danna on his release. He continued to play the rest of the game.

Still, it was obvious that he was having trouble, and now Chargers supporters are waiting with anticipation to learn whether the quarterback will be sidelined due to injury. With 1:11 remaining in the game, Herbert battled through the discomfort to throw another touchdown to Joshua Palmer, extending the Chiefs’ lead to 10 points.

However, it wasn’t enough as the Chiefs held on to win and improve to 2-0 on the season. After the game, Chargers head coach Brandon Staley expressed confidence in Herbert’s physical condition.

At any level of football, “you’re not going to see a quarterback compete tougher, do more for their team, and demand their team to give them a shot more than him,” Staley said. “Nobody can accomplish what he can, not one person.

He showed great bravery, demonstrated what he does every day, that we are never out of the fight, and gave us another chance.” The Chargers will be happy with their season’s start despite the setback after defeating the Las Vegas Raiders 24-19 in Week 1 and coming so close to beating the Chiefs.

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