Who is Killua From “Hunter X Hunter”? His Appearance, Personality and Abilities

Killua Zoldyck is the heir to the Zoldyck Family and the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck in the anime series Hunter X Hunter. However, he abandons his family and becomes a Rookie Hunter. He is presently on the road with Alluka Zoldyck and is Gon Freecss’s best buddy.

In the Heavens Arena, Greed Island and Chimera Ant arcs he played the role of the series’ deuteragonist. The 13th Hunter Chairman Election storyline centred on him. He was also the third main character in the Hunter Exam and Yorknew City storylines.

Killua’s Silver Locks And Pale Skin Makes Him Popular

Killua has silver hair that stands up in spikes very pale skin and blue eyes. His eyes become narrow and piercing when he’s in the mood to kill. Killua’s early appearance in the series is characterized by his slender build due to his years of rigorous physical training and torture education.

His physique improves with time gaining muscle and definition. Killua’s eyes turn green in the OVAs of the Nippon Animation adaptation. He’s also usually carrying along a green skateboard (turned yellow in the 2011 series).

Most of Killua’s wardrobe consists of loose dark-coloured shirts with long sleeves. In most of his ensembles he favours a turtleneck. The manga and Madhouse adaptation both have Killua wearing long, baggy shorts, whereas Nippon Animation’s character design has him wearing shorts that stop just before his knees. In the Nippon Animation version, Killua’s purple boots are brown and black.

Killua’s hair is longer and almost down to his shoulders when he’s a kid. A hoodie with his signature blue color complemented his grey pants and shoes.

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Killua’s Personality

At first, Killua is introduced as a character who seems a lot like Gon: cheeky, happy and full of plans to cause trouble. Killua, in contrast to Gon’s civility, is often disrespectful to others, especially strangers and those of advanced age.

The fact that he spent about 200 million on snacks at the Heaven’s Arena attests to his famed sweet tooth. For a treat, he always goes for chocolate, especially Chocolate Balls and Chocolate Robots.

Killua's Personality
Killua’s Personality

He also has one of the sharpest minds and can quickly and accurately assess any given situation. He may be young but he has a seasoned adult’s wisdom experience and practicality in his approach to life. At first he has an inflated sense of self-worth to the point where he doubts Gon’s ability to pass the Hunter Exam and constantly measures himself against others in terms of strength.

Killua has matured and stopped bragging about his powers. Despite his intelligence and level of mind he is not particularly open with people and feels humiliated when Gon names him his best friend or praises their friendship in front of others.

Killua has shown a noble pure side by remaining generally upbeat and not seeming too psychologically damaged by the suffering he’s undergone during his childhood and training at the hands of his family.

Netero and Biscuit upon witnessing Killua demonstrate his powers and convert his Nen into electricity have remarked on how awful Killua’s upbringing must have been with Netero remarking that it’s a marvel Killua can smile at all.

Abilities & Powers


Killua’s strength is unparalleled and he has shown it time and time again. After learning Nen his gate-opening strength increased from 16 tons to 64. Plus he can quickly move boulders that are several times his weight.

Killua’s speed is comparable to Gon’s (when Killua is not using Nen) and his reflexes are rapid he can respond to even the tiniest threat with ease. Because of his lightning-fast reflexes, he may leave behind many mirrored pictures of himself and completely vanish from view.

Killua is an expert at sneaking about undetected and gathering intelligence. Even when jogging next to her, Melody, a hunter known for her exceptional hearing claims she can hardly make out Killua’s footfalls.

Expert Tracker: Nobunaga and Machi couldn’t find him as he led them on a wild goose chase through town (although they sensed his presence).

Enhanced Agility: Killua is very agile and can attack from any position. Mostly, he uses his speed to avoid the enemy’s assaults and recover quickly after being struck.

Increased Stamina: Killua never gets tired because of his training as an assassin. He is tough enough to survive exhausting fights, workouts and races.

Poison Resistance: As a member of the Zoldyck family, Killua was trained and became resistant to almost all types of poisons. During the Hunter Exam, he showed this skill by asking Tonpa for more juice containing toxins.

High Pain Resistance: Because Killua has been tortured since he was born, he is immune to pain. He would not be fazed by being flogged or shocked. He claims to experience pain despite showing no outward signs of discomfort.

Electric Resistance: When Killua was a child, he was trained to handle a lot of electricity. When he was younger, his older brother Milluki regularly electrocuted him as a form of discipline. Killua has indicated that he can still feel the pain of electricity, despite his high resistance to it. As a result, Killua honed his Nen talent in manipulating electricity.

High Intelligence: Killua can make accurate guesses about his opponent’s next move and has shown that he can analyze his enemies’ abilities and thought patterns well. In a flash, he can come up with brilliant plans of action. Killua’s vast experience can also help him decide which alternative is preferable. Extreme peril doesn’t shake his composure.


Killua’s strongest ability as a Transmuter is modulating the shape of his Nen. With this in mind, Killua created a Hatsu to convert his aura into energy. Years of electric shocks he experienced as a child as training against torture and as punishment from his older brother Milluki motivated and prepared him for this achievement. Before Killua can unleash his power, he must recharge by sucking electricity out of an outlet.


Super Speed: Killua’s running speed is estimated at 150 miles per hour. Killua’s reaction time to assaults is effectively zero when Godspeed is active making it incredibly difficult, if not impossible to attack him successfully.

Killua can shock anyone who touches him with the energy he generates from his body thanks to his shock-resistant body. Considering that shocking someone is revealed to stun them in place this along with his super speed and rapid reaction time makes it practically impossible to resist him.

Killua’s strike immobilized and hurt even Menthuthuyoupi, a formidable opponent yet Youpi is not even human. It might be fatal if used against someone with average stamina.


Electrical Bolt Projection: Killua’s move Thunderbolt is a mid-range attack performed by Killua by projecting a bolt of lightning from his fingers.

Unlike Lightning Palm, which requires direct contact with the target, Thunderbolt can be achieved by simply pointing at the target and allowing the electricity to extend past Killua’s arm and hands. He usually jumps into the air and points down at his fingertips from above to make it easier to project the lightning away from his fingertips.

Wrap-Up Time

All the essential details regarding Killua’s appearance, personality and abilities from “Hunter X Hunter” have been discussed. Stay tuned to Lee Daily for updates of this nature.


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