Wordle 455 Spoiler-free Hints for September 17 Answer

In time for the weekend Wordle is offering you another wicked puzzle. The daily Wordle for September 17 is challenging and will likely break a few people’s winning streaks. Lee Daily has provided three spoiler-free hints to help you complete Wordle 455 if you’re having trouble with it. Those important hints can be found around the bottom of the page.

Wordle is a game that has inspired countless imitations. The goal is to predict a five-letter word in as few as six tries. Pay close attention to the tile colors if you want to finish the puzzle. When the tile goes gray the letter you guessed is not in the final word.

If the letter turns yellow it’s because it is in the word just not at that spot. If a letter’s tile is green it belongs in the word and appears where it should. The chances of correctly guessing the solution on the first try are meager yet it’s possible.

Wordle’s widespread appeal has led to numerous spinoffs of the original game. There is “Lordle” which is a Wordle based on the Lord of the Rings “Heardle” which is based on music and “Quordle” which is a more challenging Wordle in which players try to predict four words rather than just one.

If you’re not very good with language you could enjoy a game like Nerdle where you have to solve a mathematical problem.

In any case if you’re looking for some help with the September 17 Wordle 455 puzzle you may find it here.

Wordle Tips

  • Do not use the same letter twice in your first guess.
  • Attempt incorporating some vowels especially ‘A’ and ‘E,’ into your initial estimate.
  • Wait to use the letters ‘X’ ‘Z’ and ‘Q’ until you understand the solution better.
  • “RAISE” is a great first guess while “TOUCH” is a good second.

Wordle: 455 clues and hints for September 17

  • Wordle 455 begins with the letter C.
  • Wordle 455 has two vowels.
  • The hint is in the picture.

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