From Dancer to Chicago Bears DB Kyler Gordon Thrives Center Stage

From Dancer to Chicago Bears DB Kyler Gordon Thrives Center Stage: Reebay, Wisconsin – Kyler Gordon anticipated it. However, the Bears’ rookie cornerback did little to stop Aaron Rodgers from picking on him Sunday night, like attempting to outrun a tidal wave.

After the Bears’ 27-10 loss against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, Gordon said, “There’s a lot of things that I want to do better.” There are undoubtedly more plays that I am capable of creating. All I’m trying to do is learn from it and apply what I’ve learned in the future.

On Sunday night, the 38-year-old Rodgers immediately started after Gordon. Whether Gordon was outside when the Bears were in base or nickel didn’t matter. The second-round pick from Washington was the target of the Packers’ pursuit.

Gordon was defeated by Sammy Watkins for 14 yards on the opening drive and then by Allen Lazard for 8 yards. Rodgers believed Gordon had Lazard beat for a score later in the movement, but the youngster recovered well to take the ball away and limit the Packers to a field goal.

But Rodgers repeatedly turned to his strengths on Sunday night, and just before halftime, he and Lazard connected for a touchdown against Gordon on a 5-yard slant, giving the Packers a 24-7 advantage.

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Unofficially, Gordon missed many tackles while allowing six completions and a touchdown. It was clear that Gordon’s matchup with Rodgers would be an actual test of his abilities. The Hall of Fame quarterback would not let the youngster out of the torture room after smelling blood.

Chicago Bears DB Kyler Gordon Thrives Center Stage
Chicago Bears DB Kyler Gordon Thrives Center Stage

Gordon had little control over the Packers’ attack on him on Sunday night. But he now hopes to use the facts from his first encounter with Rodgers to prepare for what happens next. Gordon affirmed, “I did learn a lot from Rodgers.” Only my movements during the defense and after that, just myself, myself, and private activities.

In reality, I need to focus more on the cerebral aspect of the game, the struggles and positioning myself to make the play. The following time, I’ll be prepared for that.

Jaylon Johnson, a great cornerback for the Bears, has stood in Gordon’s place. When Kyle Fuller was on the other side of the field during his rookie season, he recalls teams picking on him “damn near every game.”

Rodgers never even gave Johnson a glance on Sunday. When you already have the desired matchup, why waste time? Johnson had no choice but to observe as Rodgers mistreated Gordon. That is cornerback life.

When asked about his message to Gordon after the game, Johnson replied, “S—t, keep playing.” It belongs to the league. People will play those games where other players chase them. You need to devise a strategy to get them off your back. But even the finest of us experience.

It’s not too difficult to teach. It would be best if you felt it. It would help if you experienced it. It cannot be removed. Keep his head up, please. People at the cornerback position, you know how the emotion is because we have all experienced them.

It isn’t much you can say to someone competing, who wants to win, and who doesn’t wish to chase quarterbacks after them. The key is to keep going, no matter what. Gordon was disappointed with the outcome of his first visit to Lambeau Field after the game.

He didn’t pout, though. He wasn’t downhearted. It’s simply the most recent step in his still-evolving NFL career.

Gordon remarked, “It’s annoying, but I’m not angry because I will learn from it. I desire the experience and will learn and develop from it.” Gordon may have a promising NFL future. But he’s still a rookie for the time being. Every week, quarterbacks are going to pursue him.

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