Justin Fields is in Good Hands With OC Luke Getsy

Justin Fields is in Good Hands With OC Luke Getsy: It’s generally not a good idea to compare your young quarterback to Aaron Rodgers in the NFL, especially with the Bears. For obvious reasons, coaches are hardwired to avoid it. It’s an unfair comparison that only serves to raise the bar.

Therefore, it was noteworthy that when asked about Justin Fields’ second-half performance against the 49ers, which was a definite improvement from a terrible first half, Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy dared to bring up Aaron Rodgers unprompted even.

Getsy, who had served as Rodgers’ position coach for the previous three years, was impressed with how Rodgers communicated during that game. You mention Aaron, one of the most extraordinary things about coaching Aaron is hearing him describe every play in detail.

The detail is astounding. It is flawless. It was enjoyable to be a part of Justin’s extraordinary conversations with us during the game. Each time, I give in. The offensive coordinator, head coach, and quarterback guru extolling all elite quarterbacks’ qualities, including athleticism, leadership, instinct, attention to detail, command of the huddle, the capacity for learning, and savant-like recall, in a developing quarterback.

Then, everything breaks down because he isn’t as accurate as Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Or he is unable to think quickly on his feet. Or his offense isn’t doing him much good. Something is always there.

It’s impossible to predict whether Getsy will be any different, but if first impressions are any indication, Fields is in good hands. Getsy’s deliberate, patient approach based on common sense seems to work well for a quarterback still developing and an offense still in its infancy.

When asked about the direction of the offense, players frequently give Getsy credit without prompting, citing examples like how he persisted with the rushing game against the 49ers. Fields also seemed aware of and grateful for the improvement over his rough rookie campaign under Matt Nagy.

Fields remarked, “He’s been terrific with everything.” Footwork and timing, playing on time, and the small quarterback-related subtleties, including various pocket maneuvers. He is aware of the drills I should be working on. He is excellent. It’s great to have him here.

Justin Fields is in Good Hands With OC Luke Getsy
Justin Fields is in Good Hands With OC Luke Getsy

The initial outcomes were modest but promising. Against the 49ers, Fields completed 8 of 17 passes for 121 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception for a passer rating of 85.7.  He had a passer rating of 2.8 in the first half and 145.8 in the second, so he was better at the end than at the beginning.

That’s the opposite of Fields’ performance against the 49ers from the previous year when Fields had ratings of 118.6 in the first half and 47.6 in the second during a 33-22 loss at Soldier Field.

Getsy remarked, “I was impressed by how he handled every situation.” Like how we were able to discuss what transpired when he threw that interception while you were backed up. That guy was ice-cold the entire time. He was all set to move.

That young man had no woe-is-me attitude at all. That’s what has made him stand out as remarkable. While many are searching for a Fields breakthrough, that pivotal “arrival” moment, Getsy is focusing on incremental advancement.

Getsy added, “We’ll keep improving daily and want to keep encouraging him to grow. I must also keep in mind that he is a young man. I must exercise patience as well.”

The Packers are another matter entirely from patience. At Lambeau Field, each start for a Bears quarterback is significant. Fields may need to take one step backward to advance. If he moves two steps, he might make a giant stride for the Bears.

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