Who Won The Final Power Of Veto On “Big Brother”?

The outcomes of Big Brother 24’s week 11 Power of Veto competition have been revealed. Find out who won and whether they intend to use their veto to rescue anyone from being chopped off the Chopping Block.

The results of the Big Brother season 24 week 11 Power of Veto competition have been revealed, and thanks to the live feeds, we now know that Monte Taylor is the victor. This is the last veto tournament that will take place over the summer. Following the nomination of Brittany Hoopes and Matt “Turner” Turner for eviction by Head of Household (HOH) Taylor Hale, Monte was declared the competition’s winner.

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The winner of the Big Brother Final 4 veto significantly impacts the tournament because they can choose who will join them and the Head of Household in the Final 3. The fact that Taylor and Monte started a showmance the previous week and that they had been tightly aligned for most of the game may have played a role in Taylor’s choice to protect Monte from being eliminated this week from the competition. However, Taylor admitted that the nominations didn’t matter because the winner of the Power of Veto would have complete control over the situation regardless of who was nominated.

Who Won The Final Power Of Veto
Who Won The Final Power Of Veto

The Big Brother 24 live feeds have just shown that Monte has triumphed in the season’s penultimate Power of Veto battle, so securing a spot for himself and Taylor in the Top 3 of the competition. This is his second successful use of the veto thus far this summer. His first victory was a pivotal one during the week nine double eviction. Thanks to it, he and his partner Turner were able to eliminate the competition’s frontrunner, Michael Bruner, via the backdoor.

It depends on which of the two houseguests he chooses to evict first: Turner or Brittany. His choice could determine whether or not he wins the game. Taylor inquired whether or not Monte would be willing to remove Turner this week and keep Brittany, but Monte has not yet given his consent to this strategy. It is highly doubtful that he will, given that he and Turner have made a pact to look out for each other and ensure that neither of them is hurt until the game ends.

On the other hand, Monte may conclude that he has a better chance of winning Big Brother Head of Household versus Brittany than Turner does. Additionally, it is highly improbable that Brittany will be the one to lead him to the final two. Although Turner would most certainly remain loyal to Monte if he won, Monte may decide that it is better to have the power in his own hands and that he has a better chance of beating Brittany, who has never won a Head of Household battle before.

However, she was successful in the Power of Veto challenges, winning three of them and gaining power from her Festie Best Friend Michael in the fourth one. In contrast to the past Head of Household games, Taylor, the current HOH, is also eligible to compete in the Final three tournaments. The competition is divided into three rounds, with the first and second-place finishers facing off against one another in the final round. The winner of that last round gets to choose who they will bring with them to compete for the jury votes and the ultimate prize of $750,000.

This year’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto competitions have been exciting because Michael shattered the record for most single-season veto wins, which Janelle Pierzina had held for the previous 16 years. There were 11 veto competitions this past summer, and he was victorious in six.

Another reason why Monte’s victory is also exciting is that he can now decide whether or not he will remain loyal to Turner. If he chooses to evict Turner, he will have another significant player’s elimination on his resume. No matter his choice, Monte already has a spot reserved for him in the final three of Big Brother 24 and is one step closer to winning the competition.

Last Lines:

Only four Big Brother 24 houseguests remain, so the final Power of Veto is crucial. Whoever wins determines the next Big Brother 24 eviction vote. The POV winner determines who’s eliminated before the last three.

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