Is Gabby Still With Erich? What Happened After the ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

“The Bachelorette” may uncover a lot of answers. In the finale episode of “The Bachelorette,” fans knew that there were many questions surrounding Gabby Windey and Erich’s Schwer relationship that needed to be answered. Though they didn’t have real drama in their life, Erich was seen questioning if he should get engaged to Gabby or not. The love was evident but still, questions were there. So, what happened at the part one finale of “The Bachelorette”? Are Gabby and Erich still together? You do not have to wait for any more to find your answers.

The Truth of Gabby And Eric: What Is The Update on The Couple?

The season 19 finale of “The Bachelorette” was on the 20th of September and there has been a lot of clarity surrounding it. As the show neared its ending, it was only Schwer left for Windey. The show originally started with 32 men and Gabby Windey did have some really good prospects. The 28-year-old New Jersey real estate analyst seemed to be the perfect man for Windey and she said he was “everything that she’s ever looked for in someone.”

Is Gabby Still With Erich?
Is Gabby Still With Erich?

But it seemed like Erich had his own doubts and when asked about his willingness to propose, Schwer said, “I think I want to date you.”

Windey questioned the relationship’s future and Erich added, “I want to continue to date you.’ That doesn’t scream, I want to propose.”

The conversation didn’t sit right with Windey and she even doubted the relationship. She claimed this event to be a “dumpster fire” and a “big mess”.

On the day of the finale, Erich committed to the relationship after their intense conversation the night before. Windey was also seen tearing up while sharing her thoughts with Recchia.

Despite all of these, the couple was ready for the proposal day. Windey was wearing a beautiful white gown decorated with gorgeous embroidered flowers whereas Schwer looked dapper in a blue tux. Schwer did refer to Windey as his “soulmate” and he wants to separate his entire life with the girl of his dreams. 

Erich got down on one knee and asked for his hand in marriage and Windey finally said yes. The couple seemed to have a happy ending but did it last? Is there more truth to the situation?

Are Gabby And Erich Together?

Windey was talking with Palmer and there she opened up about the times after the show finale happened. Windey claimed that her life after the show wasn’t that easy and extremely. Things went to the worst when Palmer went ahead to show certain texts from Schwer’s ex that revealed shocking details. The texts claimed that Palmer did break up with his ex-girlfriend for participating in the show. 

As a matter of fact, the exchange was available on social media for everyone to read only a few days before the finale was aired. In his defense, Schwer claimed that the woman in question was not telling the full story. Schwer met this woman only a month before the beginning of the show. He stated not to have any feelings for the woman whose texts were shared and also said, “I handled it poorly and I led her on.” Erich stated it to be a “mistake” since he wanted to use the show’s excuse to cut off all ties with her and avoid any confrontation.

But luckily that didn’t change the dynamics of the couple’s feelings. The couple is still together and Schwer said how everything just changed for good once he met Windey. He emphasizes that his connection with his fiancée, Gabby is “100 percent real” and he wants this love to last forever.

Gabby on the other hand claims how lucky she is to have Schwer supporting her in all her ventures. Since the show’s beginning, the couple seemed to have instantly connected.

And they are being truthful about all of these. Recently, it was rumored that Gabby is participating in “Dancing With the Stars,” and this time, she was seen sporting Erich’s sweatshirt. So, clearly, the couple isn’t bluffing and they are taking this relationship to the next level.

Reality Steve stated in September 2022, “As for Gabby and Erich, they are still together. Nothing new to report there. Whatever drama in Mexico, it’s not like anyone else comes back for her. He’s the only guy left,” “They work through it and are together today. Now, I did hear a possibility that maybe they didn’t get engaged in Mexico and they just left dating, but I was never able to confirm that. The main thing that I doubled checked on was, they were still together and I was told they absolutely are.”

Thus, all the confusions are clear, and “The Bachelorette” couple are exploring their way through the relationship.

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