Is LL Cool J Related To Michael Jackson? Who Is LL Cool J Father?

LL Cool J is an American rapper who has produced songs and acted several times. His real name is James Todd Smith but fans refer to him as LL Cool J. He has made a huge impact in the industry and fans love to relate to his music. But fans have many other queries that aren’t related to LL Cool J’s professional life. Fans are suspicious that LL Cool J is related to Michael Jackson. The rumors have been going on for a while, but is this true? We have the answer that you have wanted to know for long enough. But before that, let us get to know more about LL Cool J. 

Who Is LL Cool J?

Born on 14th January 1968, James Todd Smith was born and went by the stage name LL Cool J. He started his career as a rapper, record producer, composer as well as actor who belongs from the United States. He dropped his first album along with his single “I Needed a Beat” in 1985. This got a massive commercial breakthrough that helped him to become a household name. After that in the summer of 1987, he dropped his second commercial album “Bigger and Deffer” which has top singles such as “I’m Bad” and “I Need Love”. These two were major hits and got both critical acclamations as well as financial success.

Then he joined the Def Jam Recordings multiple acts like “Beastie Boys” as well as “Run-DMC.” As a matter of fact, LL Cool J was the first ever hip-hop artist who gained mainstream popularity. He paved the way for many black artists to embrace success. 

Is LL Cool J Related To Michael Jackson?

During his recent appearance as a guest on “Lopez Tonight,” the rumors about LL Cool J’s relationship with Michael Jackson started stemming. LL Cool J was a guest star on the popular show “Lopez Tonight.” So, it was here that LL Cool J shared about two humorous experiences about his work with Michael Jackson. It is a fact that LL Cool J was the one who recorded Michael Jackson’s “unreleased but leaked leaked” rap solo, “Serious Effect”.

He talks about how this song reflects the legend, Michael’s impeccable sense of humor, and LL Cool J couldn’t help but admire him. Moreover, LL Cool J also went forward to feature his sample in the icon’s “The Lady in My Life” and that further became a popular hip-hop music video. VH1 used to air the song and even led to LL Cool J winning a Grammy. He also shared the advice that MJ had once said to him. It happened when both the icons were on a jet together and the legendary pop star advised, “No matter what you do, never limit yourself. Never ever limit yourself.”

After that pep talk, Cool’s attitude changed towards life and he said, “I put that love and that female, that vibe in there that gives dudes a lane. People compare me to Drake all the time, but we’re very different artists because I have a lot of hard records. I’m very diverse, but that aspect of my career paved the way for guys like that, which I’m happy for. I like a lot of his music too.” 

Moreover, on 7th July 2009, when Michael Jackson’s memorial service was held at the Staples Center, he and his brother Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Randy Jackson were the pallbearers for the legend. It was also difficult for Tito since he lost his brother in June of the same year. And attending a memorial doesn’t suggest that they were related.

So, LL Cool J is in no way related to Michael Jackson. He just collaborated with the artist and had work relations with him. LL Cool J and Michael Jackson made their song a worldwide phenomenon and that’s it.

Who Are LL Cool J’s Parents?

Now that LL Cool J is not related to Michael Jackson, fans want to know who the rapper’s real parents are. According to Newspress, LL Cool J’s parents are James Smith and Ondrea. James Smith, his father, is originally known as James Nunya and he almost killed LL Cool J’s grandfather and mother. After that, his mother moved out of the house with 4 years old LL and shifted into his grandparent’s home in St. Albans, Queens. Though he had a rough childhood, he managed to be one of the greatest in recent times.

Is LL Cool J Related To Michael Jackson?
Is LL Cool J Related To Michael Jackson?

Thus, hopefully, you have understood that LL Cool J and the legend Michael Jackson are in no way related.

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