Rochester City Council Approves Purchase of New Body Worn Cameras for RPD

Rochester City Council Approves Purchase of New Body Worn Cameras: The Rogers City Council approved the purchase of body cameras for the city’s police officers on Tuesday, September 13.

According to Keith Foster, public information officer for the Rogers Police Department, the cost of the new body cameras is “somewhere between $84 and $85,000, just the cameras alone.”

According to him, the new computer software, storage, or editing software that is also required is not included in that price. Why now? Foster was questioned about the city and department’s recent acquisition of body cams. It is now.

According to Foster, in-car cameras have been used by the police for the past 20 years, and adding body cams is the next step. Another excellent instrument for proof, accountability, and transparency, according to Foster.

New and revised protocols for the cameras come along with the latest instruments. Marge Wolf, chair of the Rogers Public Safety Committee, outlines what each officer would be required to do with the cameras before each shift.

Rochester City Council Approves Purchase of New Body Worn Cameras
Rochester City Council Approves Purchase of New Body Worn Cameras

Before an officer leaves for a job, “be sure that everything is in good functioning order,” Wolf said. Every cop will be expected to record every contact while wearing a camera during their shift.

We are aware that this kind of information must be provided for people to be aware, Wolf said. Foster notes that in specific circumstances, the cameras will also automatically record. “The camera automatically turns on if the car light is on.”

The cameras will also start recording if a cop pulls a gun or if their car crashes. “If there is a move to guard it more than we have in the past, then that is what we’re going to do,” Wolf said. “Our police department is very well served and well equipped.”

City officials have stated that these new regulations must go into force on January 1, 2023. A supervisor must frequently review footage to ensure the cameras are being used appropriately, according to the policies.

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