Who is Brian Austin Green Dating? Here Is His Relationship With His Girlfriend

Brian Austin Green is a famed actor who is mostly known for his iconic role of David Silver on the famous Fox show, “Beverly Hills”. It was just the beginning of a successful career since after that, he was seen in top-tier films and series. However, that was not his only identity. He is also a passionate lover who has been linked with many famous Hollywood ladies. After having his first son with ex-fiancée Vanessa Marcil, he was soon married to his famous ex-wife Megan Fox. He made headlines after having Hollywood’s heartthrob as his wife. The couple even had three children. But soon, the couple filed for divorce after Megan Fox started dating Machine Gun Kelly. 

The divorce was done and dusted but what about Brian Austin Green? Who is Brian Austin Green dating? Well, the good news is that Brian has a new woman in his life and he feels like they are better together. So, who is this mystery woman?

Meet Sharna Burgess, Brian Austin Green’s Girlfriend

Though not a secret romance, Brian has openly declared his love for Sharna. The PDA-filled Hawaiian vacation was held in December 2020 and this was just the start of a love story that will probably last a lifetime. In May 2020, after Brian and Fox were divorced, their new love of Brian started budding in December 2020. In the new year, the star hinted about finding love and connection; in January 2021, he confessed to meeting a dancer through one of their mutual friends. He couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing of a woman he is.

Sharna Burgess is a professional Australian dancer and choreographer whose passion for ballet had led her to worldwide fame. She has been seen in “So You Think You Can Dance” in Belgium, Australia, and the Netherlands. Her career landed her many high-profile gigs around the U.K. and finally, she made her way to Hollywood.

So, on 2021 Valentine’s Day in 2021, he expressed his love for Sharna and said during an Instagram Live, “This has been kind of a weird year for me so what an amazing Valentine’s Day this has been,” “Sharna is a really amazing, considerate, loving, kind person. I kind of feel like when you put yourself in a space where you on some level decide that you’re gonna surround yourself with people that help you move forward on a path instead of pulling you back, that they do that.”

He shared his feelings with the world openly and the couple is happily committed. While talking about Sharna in Entertainment Tonight, he expressed how exciting it is to have such an amazing child partner. Even the dancer explained how his parenting skills have impressed her. She claims that he is an incredible person. Overall, their love life was budding with every passing day and they were not afraid to showcase their love.

Burgess and Green even competed together on the popular “Dancing With the Stars Season 30th” in 2021. Commenting on his experience in the reality show, Sharna expressed, “I’ve never done this before; I’ve never dated anyone that I’ve danced with, whether it was in my competitions or my DWTS career.”

It is such a beautiful ride for the couple who has made it so far in the journey. 

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess Announced About Their First Child Together

The two have been taking their relationship to new heights. On February 2022, the couple happily announced to the world that they are expecting to welcome their first child soon enough. The to-be parents were excited to start a new life with all new hopes and joy. However, there were also rumors that the couple had separated but those were all fake. 

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess Announced About Their First Child Together
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess Announced About Their First Child Together

When asked about their marriage plans, she expressed. “So it is definitely on the cards for, at some point, but we weren’t that kind of relationship that was like, ‘So we’ll get married here and then we’ll schedule in a baby for here, but if you get, if you book a gig, we can push that a little bit.’ … It’s like, let life be life, right? Let’s just enjoy each other and trust that things will happen when they’re meant to.”

Amidst all of these, Greens was also suffering from colitis and Sharna was with him through thick and thin. But the silver lining to all of these was when they welcomed their baby on June 28th, 2022.

So, the new parents are extremely delighted with the new life and they are now spending time with the new-found family. Brian is happily dating Sharna and we wish the couple all the best for her future.

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