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Why Is Randy Jackson Walking With A Cane? Fans Concerned About His Health

Why Is Randy Jackson Walking With A Cane

Why Is Randy Jackson Walking With A Cane

Randy Jackson and the other American Idol judges attended Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony in Hollywood, but what was supposed to be a fun day out turned into a health worry for Jackson because he arrived at the event with a cane.

The cast and crew of American Idol gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to show their support for Kelly Clarkson, who recently had her name added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kelly Clarkson’s meteoric rise to stardom began in 2002 when she has crowned the winner of the very first season of American Idol. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, both Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell have their very own stars to call their own. The naming of Randy Jackson has not yet been completed.

Randy Jackson Appears At Kelly Clarkson’s Star Ceremony With Cane In Hand

The panel of judges from American Idol got together with Kelly Clarkson, the show’s first champion, on the 19th of September, 2022, to celebrate the latter’s induction onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you’re wondering if Randy Jackson is sick or what’s wrong with Randy Jackson, you’ve come to the right place! Learn the answers to questions like “How did Randy Jackson lose so much weight?” and “Is Randy Jackson sick or not?” Then Click this link. 

Why Is Randy Jackson Walking With A Cane

Randy Jackson appeared on the occasion while utilizing a cane as a walking aid. He supported himself with a Cane to prevent himself from falling over during the photo opportunity with the American Idol squad, which featured Kelly Clarkson and the judges.

TMZ has a video from the event in which Michael Jackson can be seen having difficulty walking. During one portion of the video, he is helped to maintain his balance by another visitor who was present at the wedding.

Fans Concerned About Randy’s Cane Use

Unavoidably, we have witnessed some issues raised over Randy Jackson’s use of a cane. A wave of anxiety swept the internet when fans of American Idol noticed the judge using the walking stick during Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony. The ceremony was to honor Kelly Clarkson.

One of them tweeted, “Wait! What ultimately became of Randy Jackson? Is there a possibility that he is suffering from a disease? I’m worried about his health. Another person wrote: “Is anybody else getting worried about Randy Jackson? He was walking with a cane since he was so close to being unable to walk without it.

Randy Jackson Has Been Dealing With Health Problems For Years

It is not the first time Randy Jackson’s devoted followers have expressed concern for the singer’s well-being. Earlier this year, we saw a wave of worry grow following Jackson’s appearance as the bandleader on Name That Tune. When the music trivia game show that airs on FOX and challenges competitors’ musical knowledge first aired in March 2022, it caused some viewers to speculate about Randy Jackson’s health.

Some people are concerned that Jackson, who is 65 years old and has lost significant weight since his time on American Idol, may be afflicted with a disease due to this change. Following the broadcast of Name That Tune, a viewer tweeted the following question: “Is Randy Jackson okay? He doesn’t look well.”

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As Of Yet, Randy Jackson Has Not Spoken About His Use Of A Cane

Randy Jackson has been open and honest about his health struggles over the previous two decades. Still, the most recent development of him needing a Cane is something the former American Idol judge has not spoken on.

The Focus has reached out to Randy Jackson’s representatives for comment.

However, even though you might be worried about Randy Jackson’s health, the musician and television personality has not slowed down his work. Jackson spent the summer of 2013 promoting Journey’s newest album, Freedom, on which he played bass and the band released. In addition to that, he has been filming episodes of Name That Tune.

Last Lines:

Randy Jackson and his fellow American Idol judges were in Hollywood to celebrate Kelly Clarkson’s star ceremony, but what was supposed to be a fun day out raised concerns about Jackson’s health as he walked around with a cane.

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