Did The Simpsons Predict Queen Elizabeth II Death? Here’s The Truth

The Simpsons have earned a reputation for accurately predicting real-world events. Several social media posts, photographs, and memes have been watched millions of times online that claim The Simpsons has continued to prove that they have that crystal ball magic by correctly forecasting the exact year and date that Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

Posts that went viral on social media indicate that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and the show’s writers were aware of what would happen. The Simpson family visits the United Kingdom in the scene from season 15 episode 4 of The Simpsons titled “The Regina Monologues,” which was included in the first big video to go viral on TikTok. The episode has had 16.8 million views. Homer Simpson’s vehicle collides with the rear of the Queen’s carriage when he is out driving around, which causes the carriage to topple over.

The movie focuses on a piece of paper in the carriage with the date “8.9.2022” written. This date corresponds to the day the monarch will pass away in the real world. Others pointed out that the video had been modified, and the date wasn’t there in the original version. This amazed some people by the accuracy of the so-called “prediction,” but others quickly pointed out that the video had been edited. Additionally, users of Twitter reshared the video, with some users trusting the forecast while others disproving it.

Did The Simpsons Predict Queen's Death
Did The Simpsons Predict Queen’s Death

Another tweet that gained widespread attention depicted a cartoon rendition of Queen Elizabeth II lying in state inside a casket. On Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit, that particular post has been viewed, shared, and commented on millions of times, which leads one to believe that The Simpsons correctly forecasted the year of her passing to be 2022 in 2014. After further investigation, it was discovered that the image was a fabricated copy of one that had been altered previously.

An image in an episode of The Simpsons depicting Donald Trump dead and buried in a coffin has been cited as another source of prediction rumors for years. This picture, which predicts that Donald Trump will pass away, appears to have originated from the website 4Can, according to PolitiFact. In the photo, the former president has been replaced by Elizabeth II, and something resembles a gravestone placed on top of the portrait.

Some Swear The Simpsons Have Done It Before

In the course of the long-running animated show’s 728 episodes, numerous instances stand out as remarkable examples of when a gag or storyline from The Simpsons did come true. Among these is the prediction of the Disney and Fox merger in the episode “When You Wish Upon a Star” from 1998, the COVID-19 pandemic in the episode “Marge in Chains” from 1993, and a reference to President Trump in the episode “Bart to the Future.”

Last Lines:

According to the tweet, the photographs depict what appears to be a figure like Queen Elizabeth ll in a coffin, with the dates 1926-2022 written on it. This corresponds precisely with the Queen’s life span. Photographs have now become a hot topic of conversation on the web. It turns out, though, that the pictures aren’t accurate. We Got This Covered confirms that the tweet above contains altered images.

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