Instagram Down Globally: Users Can’t Post Images

Instagram is an American social networking service for sharing photos and videos. It was started in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was later bought by Facebook Inc., which is now called Meta Platforms.

The app lets people upload media that can be changed with filters and put in order with hashtags and geotagging. Posts can be shared with the public or with followers who have already been approved. Users can look at other users’ content by tag or location, see what’s popular, like photos, and follow other users to add their content to their own feed.

The popular photo-sharing app Instagram is down for some users in different parts of the world. They can’t post, share, refresh their Instagram feed, or send direct messages (DMs). Several users had the same problems even after turning their wifi on and off and reinstalling the photo-sharing app.

Some people were confused and angry about the same thing, so they went to Twitter and wrote about it with the hashtag “#InstagramDown.” Some of the users even said they had problems with the app, such as being unable to post memes or GIFs.

Instagram has been experiencing several problems recently. A few days ago, there was an Instagram hashtag that, if you clicked on it, would automatically log you out of your account on your phone.

Not only that but your Instagram password will also be changed in a matter of seconds, leaving you in a tough spot. Your screen will show a message that says, “You’ve been logged out of the account.

The owner of the account might have changed the password.” While this glitch isn’t harmful in and of itself, we warned in our coverage to avoid it and not search for #Embedded on Instagram until the company fixes the issue.

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