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Bob Saget’s Wife and Friends Pay Heartfelt Tribute to Late Star ‘Incredible Man’

Bob Saget’s Wife and Friends Pay Heartfelt Tribute to Late Star: On Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, Bob Saget’s friends, family, and former co-stars supported a cause near the actor’s heart.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation’s annual fundraiser event, “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine,” was previously hosted by the Full House star for 30 years before Jimmy Kimmel, John Mayer, and Jeff Ross took over. In 1994, Saget’s sister Gay passed away from the uncommon and frequently fatal disease scleroderma.

“These bookings have improved vastly since Bob passed away,” Kimmel quipped on stage as he started the night. The well-known attendees were Regina Hall, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Norman Lear, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin, Joel McHale, Kevin Nealon, Seth Green, and Howie Mandel. The occasion, which Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, co-chaired, also served as a memorial to the adored comic. The daughters of Saget and Rizzo were present.

“What’s so fun about tonight? The only thing that’s fun about it is we get to show Bob we wanted to do this,” Kimmel continued, adding: “Everyone should have a friend like Bob Saget. Tonight’s a tribute, but it’s also a celebration. … You didn’t know Bob until you saw him host a Scleroderma Research dinner. That was the true Bob Saget.”

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The comedy component of the evening included standup performances by Nealon, Mandel, and surprise visitor Dave Chappelle following supper and a live auction. Since the former’s unexpected debut in 1998’s Half-Baked, Saget and Chappelle have been close friends for many years.

Bob Saget's Wife and Friends Pay Heartfelt Tribute to Late Star
Bob Saget’s Wife and Friends Pay Heartfelt Tribute to Late Star

In the stoner comedy, Saget was portrayed less as TV’s father and more as the bawdy jokester that those who knew him best. After making sure that everyone’s phones were put away, Chappelle took the stage.

Beginning with most of his most recent work, he described how he was attacked at the Hollywood Bowl four months prior. The comedian criticized the New York Post for interviewing the person who had knocked him to the ground.

The celebrity audience laughed when Chappelle referenced how Chris Rock emerged following the stunning incident and made fun of the perpetrator as being Will Smith. But the most moving part of Chappelle’s show was the conclusion.

A “penultimate” message that Saget wrote him months before the actor passed away was read aloud by the comedian. Saget praises Chappelle in the video for “achieving the impossible” and for being one of the “sweetest” and “most honest” persons he has ever met.

Saget is said to as “a f***ing amazing human being” by Chappelle, who claimed that he received the message at a moment when he truly needed to hear those words. The comedian declared that Saget “is in this room tonight.”

“This night is important to him, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Chappelle declared. Mayer, who was emotional the entire time, performed at the end of the evening. He used a unique guitar to perform a handful of “Bob’s favorite tunes,” starting with “Who Says.”

Mayer informed the crowd that he used the same guitar Saget had played during his previous Florida performance. It was located by Rizzo, who then acquired it and gave it to Mayer. It’s one of his most valued items, the singer claimed.

On January 9, Saget’s body was discovered in his hotel room in Florida. The actor had just finished a show and was in the middle of a comedy tour. Saget fell backward by himself in his hotel room, resulting in blunt head injuries, which was the cause of his death. He was 65.

Saget proudly discussed his work with the Scleroderma Research Foundation in one of his last interviews. He said, “I’ve organized benefits for more than 30 years, and we’ve raised more than $50 million.” “It’s a lifelong endeavor of mine.

A series of uncommon disorders known as scleroderma cause the skin to tighten and stiffen. According to Mayo Clinic, it may also result in issues with the blood vessels, internal organs, and digestive system.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation wants to change that because there is currently no cure. Saget would undoubtedly be pleased with the over $1 million raised during the event on Wednesday.

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