Gigi Hadid Vodka Pasta Went Viral

The supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous personalities in the world. It is quite known that she has been fortunate enough to be born into a well-off family and also raised to chase her dreams. But that doesn’t mean Hadid doesn’t know how to take care of herself and her family. Gigi Hadid is an extremely good cook and the viral Gigi Hadid vodka pasta recipe has proved it. Little did Gigi know that her vodka recipe will blow up on the internet and fans will join her to find new ways to create the delicious vodka pasta. But how did it all start?

Gigi Hadid Shared Her Vodka Pasta Recipe On Instagram

Gigi Hadid had worn the chef’s hat repeatedly and gave the fans a step-by-step tutorial on making her now-famous spicy vodka pasta. This hasn’t been the first time that Gigi shared her secret kitchen recipes with her fans. Over the period, Gigi had been seen helping her mom in the kitchen as well. Remember the episodes in “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” where Gigi and Bella were helping Yolanda Hadid, their mother will be cooking duties? Well, it is obvious that she had learnt from the best in this case.

Yolanda is famous for being a talented cook and “valuing time at the family dinner table” as you might have seen on the episodes of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. It is quite obvious that her daughters will learn from her for the best possible results.

So, it was quite a shocker when Gigi uploaded the recipe for her vodka pasta on her Instagram account. The recipe has quite some ingredients that will make your mouth water. Gigi’s recipe includes some ingredients you might have never considered. These are basically garlic, tomato paste, a shallot, Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, heavy cream, butter, basil and most importantly, vodka. Yes, you heard it right and fans have tasted it by cooking it at home to certify the pasta as divine. She shared the cooking process on her Instagram stories and honestly, it has been such a game changer.

How Does Gigi Hadid Make Her Spicy Vodka Pasta?

The followers were extensively impressed with the way the pasta turned out to be. But did you miss the stories? Do not worry, we have got you covered in this area. Gigi has properly guided her fans on when and how much vodka and butter are needed. Moreover, she also keeps a check on the starchy water before adding pasta and sauce to it.

To start with the preparation, firstly caramelize one clove of garlic, 1/4th of a shallot, and also, a ¼ cup of thick tomato paste. After the sauce is ready, just drop a tablespoon of vodka. Keep stirring and cooking until the entire thing has almost evaporated. Once confirmed, add ½ cup of delicious heavy cream and top it with red pepper flakes. Now once the pasta is cooked, keep stirring it with the sauce and add ¼ cup of pasta water along with a tablespoon of butter to bring that flavor out. Now finish it off by adding ¼ cup of tasty Parmesan cheese into your saucy pasta.

The creamy and tasty recipe surely made you drool, we think. However, Gigi didn’t just stop here. The supermodel knows that sometimes you might not feel like running to the grocery store for picking up the ingredients, or you may simply not find the mentioned ingredients. So, she suggested certain substitutions for making it more accessible. 

Gigi mentioned how she had left out vodka as she didn’t have it at her home. Besides, in spite of using shallot, she used red onions. For garnishing, she didn’t have basil. Instead of that, she made use of the tomato and basil-flavored tomato paste she had at home.

In order to help everyone find it out easily, she saved the recipe under the Instagram highlight “From My Kitchen II”. The hype around this vodka is mainly because as the alcohol is completely burnt off, it is pretty safe to cook it for your kids.

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Gigi’s Vodka Recipe Is Gordon Ramsay Approved

Gordon Ramsay has tasted the recipe that Gigi shared on Instagram and when talking to People the world-class chef’s remarks shocked everyone. He said, “Gigi sent me this [pasta] dish a couple of weeks back on Instagram and said, ‘Chef, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘Girl, it’s good. In fact, it’s f*cking good’”. ‘Girl, it’s good. In fact, it’s f*cking good’”.

“My daughters, they love me. It’s not because I’m a f*cking good chef. They love me because I talk to Gigi Hadid. That’s the only reason why they want to talk to me.

So, yes this recipe is also Gordan Ramsay approved!

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