How Long Has Nate Diaz Been In The UFC? Details About His Career

The ring has given birth to many great mixed martial artists. While they have created their own legends and histories, only a few can be on par with Nate Diaz regarding ruthlessness. Nate has become a legend who is irreplaceable in all ways. But how did he start his journey? What was his legacy like?

Diaz’s legend in UFC started in 2007 when he appeared in season 5 of Ultimate fighter for the very first time. During the tournament, Diaz showcased extraordinary skills and great potential. In his first season, he proved to the world he could not be overshadowed by his then-famous brother. 

Since then, the victory train of Nate Diaz has just continued. With a career spanning over a decade and a half, he has beaten the likes of Anthony Pettis, Conor McGregor, Donald Cerrone, and others. 

Nate Diaz: A Short Recap Of The Fighter’s Career

Nate Diaz’s legendary status and popularity are indeed due to his achievements in the UFC. However, his career did not start from there. Before getting into a contract with UFC, Diaz competed in strikeforce, World Extreme Cagefighting and Pancrase. 

When Nate entered season 5 of the UFC, his brother had already established himself as a prolific fighter in UFC. So, there were a lot of comparisons and doubts regarding his career. But with his skills and mastery of Brazillian Jiu Jutsu, he was able to shut his critics up and become the legend he is today. He is known for being fierce when it comes to his games.

Born in Stockton, California, his training in mixed martial arts began when he was just 11. He moved to UFC when World Extreme Cagefighting or WEC was acquired by the parent company of UFC. He featured in the lightweight division in season 5 of the ultimate fighter. In his first appearance in the tournament, he created history by winning every match through submission and becoming the champion. 

Incidentally, Diaz’s career took off from there. He went on to win countless awards. In fact, Nate has won the third most bonus awards in the history of UFC having won a grand total of 16. 

In his long career, Nate Diaz has also tasted many victories while witnessing defeats. But his savagery in the ring and the zeal with which he still fights are the things that make him so special. 

What’s Next For Diaz?

Sadly, the chapter of Nate Diaz is coming to an end. Now that his contract is coming to an end with UFC, Diaz’s fans have been wondering what his plans are for the future. Will he get into a new contract or venture into something new? 

How Long Has Nate Diaz Been In The UFC?
How Long Has Nate Diaz Been In The UFC?

While there is a plan for a boxing match against Jake Paul, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. But if it actually happens, it will surely be the one to watch. 

The fighter has also recently announced some plans for his future ventures. In his recent interviews, he mentioned that he wants to become a promoter for fighting matches. According to sources, Diaz will soon be applying for his promoter’s license to form his own promotion company Real Fight Inc. 

This will take him to the business side of the sports to which he has dedicated almost two decades of his life. The company will focus on promoting boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. The company will also work to bring out potential fighters from every corner of the world and households to become the next generation of champions. 

If this turns out to be the reality, Nate will join the golden list of fighters turned into promoters like Jorge Masvidal and Khabib Nurmagomedov. And that is iconic!

Seeing Nate away from the ring will surely be tough for the fans. But it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to his new role in the business side of the game. Are you excited to see your favorite fighter embark on a brand-new life path? We surely to see him enter new chapters in every way.

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