Is Black Adam Stronger Than Superman? Confirmed by Dwayne Johnson

Since it was announced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would play Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, it’s been almost five years. However, after the success of Shazam!, it looks like the Black Adam movie is finally making significant progress.

Johnson has talked a lot about how excited he is to play the villainous Kahndaqian and one reason is that Black Adam and Superman have similar powers. In the words of Johnson:

“Black Adam has the same powers as Superman. Think about that. That’s why it’s so cool and exciting.”

Dwayne Johnson is right that Superman and Black Adam are about the same regarding their abilities to be strong, last a long time, and fly. But, despite what Johnson told MTV, Superman and Black Adam do not have all the same powers. Looking at everything Black Adam can do, you could argue that he is stronger than Superman.

Superman’s powers like those of other Kryptonians, come from the sun of Earth. This gives him abilities like x-ray vision, heat vision and super breath. On the other hand, Black Adam is enhanced by magic, just like his main enemy Shazam.

Even though Black Adam can’t shoot lasers out of his eyes or freeze things by blowing on them he has a big advantage when fighting the Man of Steel because magic is one of Superman’s biggest weaknesses.

Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam

In the comics, these two have fought many times, and Superman had to deal with Black Adam by himself in Superman/Shazam! : The Return of Black Adam before Billy Batson became Captain Marvel, his original hero name. But will Black Adam and Superman fight in the DCEU? Right now, there is nothing written down.

Three years ago, Dwayne Johnson hinted that Black Adam would eventually fight Superman, and last year, Henry Cavill said that there was “definitely some kind of work towards that.”

Even if Cavill were to return to the role of Superman in the future, there are currently no plans for this to happen.

For now, Black Adam is set to star in his own movie. Adam Sztykiel, who wrote Undateable, is set to write the script, and Jaume Collett-Serra, who directed Jungle Cruise, is set to direct. Dwayne Johnson says that work will start sometime next year.

And then there’s the whole Shazam thing. In the comics, he and Black Adam have been at odds for a long time. It seems likely they’ll fight in the DCEU at some point, but no one knows when. Doctor Sivana was Billy Batson’s first enemy in the series and the end of Shazam! gave a hint that Sivana and Mr. Mind will work together in Shazam! 2.

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