Why Did Casey Leave Chicago Fire? Here Is The real reason

Chicago Fire has been a fan-favorite show since it debuted back in 2012. However, season 10 of the Chicago Fire has been a bittersweet one for the fans. Season 10 is bidding farewell to one of the show’s original cast members, Jesse Spencer. 

Spencer has been part of the star-studded main cast from season 1 and one of the series regulars left. Starring Captain Matt Casey and later Lieutenant, he captivated the viewers with his powerful performance. His exit came on the 200th episode of the series and it was really a tough moment for everyone to say goodbye to his character. 

In the episode, Lieutenant Casey makes a serious decision that alters his life’s path. He decided to move to Oregon from Chicago to take care of the children of Andy Darden, one of the major characters from the first season. This makes a lot of sense when it comes to the storyline as the bond is shown between Matt and Andy in the pilot of the show. 

Why Did Jesse Spencer Leave The Show?

Call it a coincidence or something else, but Spencer’s reason for leaving the show was not much different from the character he played. After working in television for 18 years, he decided it was the right time for him to take a step back from the limelight and pursue other things while giving his time to his family. 

why did jesse spencer leave the show?
Why did Jesse spencer leave the show?

Jesse also commented about his love for the show and how hard a decision it was to leave. But it was indeed the right one at the right time. 

While interviewing about clarifying the reason for leaving the show, Jesse said, “It was a difficult decision because I’ve loved this show from the start, but there are other things that I would love to do in the future and there’s some family that I need to take care of,” “I was marking off these milestones and looking to the future … and it was time”  “It felt so organic for me and a perfect full circle and a really reasonable way for Casey to leave organically.”

So, in spite of the show being so close and dear to him, he chose to take a break for personal reasons. And there is no harm in prioritizing self over other things.

Will Jesse Return In The Future?

Lieutenant Casey moved to Oregon for three years to care for his friend’s children. So, there is a possibility as per trusted sources that the character may make a comeback in later seasons. Even the showrunner David Haas said that he prefers to keep his characters alive so that they can return. However, nothing has been confirmed yet by the showrunners or Spencer. But fans can obviously keep their hopes up as there is a strong possibility.

According to recent reports, Casey’s character will make a comeback as wedding bells have started to ring in the show. Kelly, who is one of Matt’s best friends will soon be getting married. So, there is a high chance that fans will get to see their lieutenant again during these episodes. Nevertheless, both David Haas and Jesse Spencer have been very tight-lipped about it and refrained from giving any spoilers. 

Hass once was reported saying, “I don’t want to spoil anything, but that becomes a major storyline through the winter break because obviously there are some shifting chairs within the firehouse,” “We were glad to bring Wallace Boden back in ‘Two Hundred’ because with Jesse leaving, we needed somebody there to keep it from being so untethered

So, let us wait for the reveal.

Who Took Casey’s Position Now That He Has Left?

David Haas remained silent on this topic as he didn’t want to give spoilers about his own show. However, he teased a major storyline revolving around this as the firehouse struggles to find a suitable replacement for Matt. Haas also teased the return of one of the beloved characters, Wallace Boden in the show. He will play a crucial role in keeping the firehouse intact and tethered.

Chicago Fire has been one of the longest-running shows on television. Existing in the One Chicago universe, showrunners have created the show in such a way that it also connects with other shows in its universe. Drama, heart-touching moments, and excitement, the series encompasses it all. With the void left by the departure of Lieutenant Casey, the creators will have to work hard to fill the gap and keep the pace of the story. But Casey fans have to be a little patient to see their favorite character return. But since Casey’s return is already in the talks, viewers can give out a sigh of relief and wait till the moment comes.

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