How Many Maps Are There In MW2 Beta? Maps For Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s beta is now accessible after a lengthy wait! In addition, many people have questions about the upcoming game because anticipation is high. One of the most frequently requested questions is how many maps will be included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Continue reading if you have this question in mind. In this piece, we’ll examine every map in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, both old and new. So, how about we look?

Farm 18

The most miniature map on the list will serve as the introduction to this list. Although Farm 18 is set in a cement plant, the building’s interior contains something more dangerous. An underground training facility hidden from the public is housed in the cement mill.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta’s most miniature map, Farm 18, favors fast, close-quarters combat. Bringing a powerful shotgun or a quick SMG is your best bet. Assault and sniper weapons that are heavier will likely be a touch too slow.

The tactical map shows that Farm 18 will have a variety of chambers and spawn locations. The “Shoot House,” which occupies the center, is surrounded by smaller structures like the “Mess Hall” and “Cement Mixer.” Farm 18 was created for traditional 6v6 multiplayer matches. It has a great sense of nostalgia and ought to be a blast to play on.

Valderas Museum

How Many Maps Are There In MW2 Beta
How Many Maps Are There In MW2 Beta

“Valderas Museum” is one of the Modern Warfare 2 beta’s most intriguing maps. It’s a contemporary museum with numerous pricey exhibits and a few exciting structures scattered throughout the exterior. One of the Calls of Duty maps is the brightest and most up-to-date, and it feels fresh and new.

Due to the tiny passageways and alleys, expect a lot of close-range firefights during gameplay. Additionally, there are a few longer corridors that offer fantastic long-distance options. Finally, the exhibitions and displays will provide fun cover and defense opportunities. Without a sure, playing on the Valderas Museum map will be a tonne of fun.

Mercado Las Almas

Mercado Las Almas is one of the most well-rounded maps in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Thanks to the layout, you can utilize almost any type of weapon, which also encourages a wide range of diverse playstyles.

This map’s narrative is also quite captivating. The market used to be a gathering spot for families. But it rapidly became the focal point of a dispute between the Las Almas Cartel and the local law enforcement. This image is set by the several vans and police cars scattered around.

A larger map in the open beta appears to be Mercado Las Almas. Although it is intended for 6v6 games, Farm 18 and other maps on this list are substantially smaller than it. If you’re a longer-range combatant, this is fantastic news.

Greenburgh Hotel

Greenburgh Hotel is the fifth and last map offered in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. The medium-sized map provides lots of options for both close-quarters and far-off playstyles.

According to the legend behind this map, the hotel was originally a 5-star resort in Amsterdam. But following a dispute, it was immediately evacuated—the fire trucks outside the structure helped tell the tale.

The majority of the action will happen within the hotel. Many lengthy passageways serve as significant chokepoints for snipers and longer-ranged weapons. However, there are also a few narrow passageways for close-quarters battles.

Grand Prix (not currently available)

One of Call of Duty’s most thrilling and inventive levels appears to be Grand Prix. Unfortunately, all of the data and information for this particular map have vanished as of right now.

On a current F1 racetrack, the Grand Prix will take place. There appear to be a lot of outdoor areas, which will promote long-distance relationships. There are also specific enclosed spaces where we might witness greater rapid-fire, explosive action.

Grand Prix is set up for 6v6 core combat. It was supposed to be accessible during the closed beta but abruptly disappeared upon release. It might become accessible during the open beta; one can only hope.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, there is all there is to know about the maps included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. No of a player’s play style or preferences, the five maps appear to be intriguing and different and offer something for everyone.

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