Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? Her Relationship History!

She has been posting several videos and pictures of her growing baby bulge, and she gave birth to a daughter named Shajiyah in the month of May. Despite this, her pregnancy is just now becoming apparent on LAHH, even though the show was shot several months ago.

As a direct consequence of this, fans are curious about the paternity of Shay’s child. It should come as no surprise that many people are interested in finding out who the father of her child is given that her hectic life as a TV personality is shown once a week on Love and Hip Hop.

Shay Johnson Career

About the beginning of her career, not much is known. Most people, however, first saw Shay Johnson in her role as “Buckley” on the second season of Flavor of Love 2. However, Shay’s first experience in show business did not come via reality TV.

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By
Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By

While running a successful promotions agency in her hometown, Shay also appeared in music videos for artists like T.I., Young Dro, C-Lo, Jazze Pha, Fabolous, Shawty LO, and many more. She also appeared on the cover of King Magazine in 2006 and was profiled in Smooth Magazine in both 2007 and 2009.

As far back as 2010, the Jamaican edition of Black Men’s Magazine included multiple pages devoted to Shay. Johnson was featured in magazines dedicated to hair care, such as Sophisticates’ Black Hair and Metro Style Hair, between 2007 and 2009.

Keeping up her efforts to break into the television industry, Shay has appeared as a guest on shows including Maury, Tyra, 106 N Park, Rap City’s Who’s that Girl, the Reality Remix Awards, and the Ozone Music Awards.

Shay has been in numerous TV shows and music videos before making the transition to radio. On shows like “Frank and Wanda in the Morning” and “The Wendy Williams Experience,” she has filled in as a host.

Shay went back to VH-1 so that she could be on the show “Charm School.” Now Shay is a successful actress and businesswoman. She has kept busy by continuing to be a radio DJ’s guest, hosting events across the United States, and creating calendars, Xbox skins, and I iPhone items.

She has guest-starred in various mediums, including feature films, TV shows, and even stage productions. Her most recent play is called “Pocketbook Monologues.” Shay’s most recent projects focus on creating and launching a local nonprofit that would give back to urban youngsters.

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By
Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By

Fans Wonder Who Shay Johnson Got Pregnant By?

Fans think that Shay’s baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy, whose true name is Darryl Raynard Richardson III, despite the fact that Shay has not disclosed the identity of the man who fathered her child. On the other hand, he and his wife Bambi have been married for more than four years already.

There are also reports that she became pregnant with the use of a donor sperm. She admitted that she had “kept this secret for months” until February, when she was six months pregnant with her child, and made the announcement. In May, Shay welcomed her first child into the world, a daughter named Shajiyah.

Shay has stated that she has always desired to have a child. Her infant was delivered without incident and weighed six pounds and five ounces. There have also been speculations circulating about Pleasure P and Flave being possible dads to her child; however, none of these claims have been substantiated.

One of Shay’s supporters defended her by writing on her Facebook page, “Who cares about the kid’s father? It’s a lovely baby being born into a world where Shay is going to be a terrific mother. She has plenty of love to go around. Congratulations mum.”

Shay’s Relationship History

Big Scrappy is the only other known male that Shay has been in a committed relationship with at any point in her life. During the episode of Love and Hip Hop in which he was reunited with his former girlfriend Shay, he insulted his wife Bambi by calling her insecure.

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By
Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By

Flavor Flav and Pleasure P are two other celebrities besides Shay that have been connected to her romantically. She has come clean about the fact that she lied about her affections for Flavor Flav on the dating show Flavor Of Love so that she could come out on top.

During an interview in 2013 with The Jasmine Brand, Shay expressed the following:

The way Scrappy did me, he found a way to cause a lot of trust issues – and that’s on me. So I’m not too quick to jump into relationships at this point. But there is a little somebody that I kinda been seeing but I’m not willing too move fast. You just never know where it will go. I’m not willing to mention his name but there is someone.

Shay played the role of Lil Scrappy’s “friend with benefits” on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta seasons 1 and 2, respectively. According to Love & Hip Hop Fandom, even though she loved him, he refused to acknowledge their relationship as anything more than a casual sleeping arrangement.

The LAHH Star’s Pregnancy Photos

Since February 2022, Shay has been documenting her pregnancy with a series of images. She also tweeted little bits of her experience while she was on her way to the delivery room in the hospital. She is so proud of her kid that she created an Instagram page for her (iamshajiyah).

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By (4)
Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By (4)

She revealed her baby belly for the first time on the cover of the pregnancy issue of Kontrol magazine. Shay has uploaded numerous pictures of herself in a bikini since the birth of her child. She has swiftly returned to her weight before she became pregnant.

A month before she gave birth, Shay proudly displayed her growing bump and shared videos of her unborn child kicking around in her abdomen. She did not hide her pregnancy in any way. And near the end of April, she threw a baby shower, putting the spotlight squarely on her growing belly.

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