Why Was Jeffrey Dahmer Kicked Out of the Army?

True-crime fans have been interested in Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrible crimes for decades and now the chilling story is being told again in Netflix’s new show.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tells about the serial killer’s horrible crimes and also about important parts of his childhood and early adult life.

In episode 4, the show briefly mentions Jeffrey Dahmer’s time in the Army, saying that he was kicked out after only a few years. But why did Jeffrey Dahmer get kicked out of the Army?

When Exactly Did Jeffrey Dahmer Enlist in the Military?

Jeffrey Dahmer quit Ohio State University a few months before he joined the US Army in January 1979. Dahmer went to Ohio State University after graduating from high school in May 1978. He wanted to study business, but he dropped out after just three months because he was drinking too much and getting bad grades.

Dahmer joined the US Army in January 1979 at his father’s urging. He trained as a combat medic at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

dahmer get kicked out of army
dahmer get kicked out of army

In July 1979, Dahmer was sent to Baumholder, West Germany, to serve in the 8th Infantry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment. But Dahmer was kicked out of the Army in March 1981 after only two years of service.

What Led to Jeffrey Dahmer’s Removal From the Military?

Due to his alcoholism, Dahmer was forced to leave the military. According to reports about Dahmer’s time in the Army, he was an “average or slightly above average” soldier during his first year.

But in March 1981, just over two years after he joined the Army, Dahmer was kicked out because he kept drinking too much and wasn’t a good fit for the job.

The Army decided that Dahmer’s issues would not affect his civilian life, therefore he was given an honorable discharge.

Dahmer’s Life After Military Service

Dahmer moved to Miami, Florida, after getting out of the Army. He worked in a delicatessen there. In September 1981, Dahmer was kicked out of the motel room he was staying in because he hadn’t paid. He then called his father and asked to go back to Ohio.

In the years that followed, Dahmer worked at a few different places. He was a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center for 10 months before he was fired. In 1985, the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory hired Dahmer as a mixer.

Two years later, in 1987, Dahmer killed Steven Tuomi. It was the second of his 17 killings and the first of 15 he would do in just five years.

When the police finally caught Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991, he was sent to the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. Christopher Scarver, who was also in prison, beat Dahmer to death on November 28, 1994.

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