The U.S. Embassy Has Issued An Urgent Warning To All American Citizens To Leave The Country Now

The US Embassy in Moscow issued a security notice overnight, urging US people to leave Russia as soon as possible while exit options remain.

The warning follows Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request to partially mobilize Russian men to fight in his conflict in Ukraine.

“Russia may refuse to recognize dual nationals’ US citizenship, restrict their access to US consular assistance, prevent them from leaving Russia, and conscript dual nationals for military duty,” according to the advisory.

The embassy has repeatedly advised Americans not to travel to Russia and to leave quickly if they do.

The U.S. Embassy warns all Americans to leave the country immediately
The U.S. Embassy warns all Americans to leave the country immediately

The embassy issued a statement advising US citizens to “avoid all political or social protests and do not photograph security officers at these gatherings,” stressing that “the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression is not guaranteed in Russia.”

“Russian authorities have arrested US individuals who have engaged in demonstrations,” according to the advisory.

Later that day, a State Department spokesman explained that the advisory referred to prior protests and that “we are not aware of any arrests of US citizens engaged in demonstrations since the mobilization.”

The embassy “has severe constraints on its ability to help US people,” according to the security advisory, and “conditions, particularly transportation alternatives, may suddenly become even more limited.”

“If you want to leave Russia, you should make independent plans as soon as possible,” it read. The US Embassy in Russia urged Americans in the nation to leave “immediately” and warned Americans against visiting Russia in its most grave warning since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, as a major exodus of conscription-eligible Russians flees to avoid Kremlin recruitment.

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The security alert says that Russia could refuse to recognize dual citizenship, deny dual nationals access to U.S. consulates in Russia (which help people get into and out of the country), stop them from leaving the country or even force them to join the Russian military.

A State Department representative has provided comment on this article. Stay tuned for more information on

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