How long Were Cheryl Burke And Matthew Lawrence Married?

Cheryl Burke, a 38-year-old Dancing with the Stars, became the first woman to win the competition. When Burke’s brother, Joey, appeared on Boy Meets World in 2006, Matthew Lawrence got to know Burke.

What Did Cheryl Burke Share About Her Past Relationships?

In a YouTube video titled, My Experience with Abusive Relationships, which was aired on her official channel, Cheryl Burke was open about her background. Cheryl Burke, a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars, stated in the clip: “I truly don’t think I discovered my voice until I started Dancing with the Stars.”

Burke claimed that she began dating at 13 and that her involvement in dancing competitions caused her to “grow up very rapidly.” She remembers being in back-to-back abusive relationships, feeling anxious, losing weight, and abusing herself by drinking excessively.

Is Cheryl Burke Married?

Burke wed Matthew Lawrence in 2019, and the couple divorced after three years of marriage. She acknowledged to Good Morning America in October 2020 that when she first arrived in Los Angeles, she “was a party girl.”

Lawrence, however, has been referred to as her “rock” and the person who has supported her sobriety in the past. She gives Lawrence credit for assisting her with schedule balancing.

Who Was Cheryl Burke Married To
Who Was Cheryl Burke Married To

Lawrence has made appearances in various motion pictures, and television programs, including the well-known Mrs. Doubtfire from 1993 and the enduring Boy Meets World from the 1990s.

Is Cheryl Burke And Matthew Lawrence Getting Divorced?

Burke and Lawrence announced their separation in February 2022, citing their irreconcilable differences. In a May Tamron Hall interview, Burke said she and Lawrence had tried to save their marriage before filing for divorce, even regarding couple’s therapy.

I’m a major proponent of counseling, she declared to Hall. I genuinely believe it. Even before Matt and I got married, we received couples counseling. Therapy is often associated with people thinking, Oh my god, there’s a problem.

We certainly made an effort, she continued. People change. People change. And sadly, sometimes they grow apart while other times they grow together. Lawrence and Burke first dated in 2006, but they split up a year later and were apart for ten years until starting up again in February 2017.

Lawrence proposed to Burke in May 2018 using the diamond that her late father, Steve Burke, had given to her mother. A year later, they got married. Lawrence has not discussed their split publicly since filing for divorce, but Burke acknowledged on her podcast Burke in the Game that it can sometimes be lonely.

She remarked that it feels kind of lonely when I close my eyes and go to bed at the end of the day. Burke stated she would think about a strictly flirtatious relationship to lessen the loneliness and curb the loneliness.

She added, “I’m open to starting to date, gently but steadily. I wouldn’t mind having a text relationship with someone or even just someone to flirt with.”

Is Matthew Lawrence Dating Someone New?

Six months after he and Burke announced their divorce, on August 9, 2022, Lawrence was spotted taking a trip to Hawaii with TLC singer Chilli. Beachgoers who saw Chilli and Lawrence on Waikiki Beach told TMZ that the two had a long talk on the sand before having a plunge in the sea. Chilli’s actual name is Rozonda Ocelean Thomas.

According to a Chilli representative, the two are merely friends, and Lawrence and his buddies went to watch Chilli perform when he was there.

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Cheryl Burke, a famous dancer, has confirmed that she and her husband Matthew Lawrence are splitting up. In a post on her official Instagram account, Burke, known for her work on “Dancing With the Stars,” asked for “understanding and privacy” while she deals with this personal issue.

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