watchOS 9 Release Date: What To Know About The Latest Release?

Undoubtedly, the craze for Apple products can never die and this time even, it was evident. Just Like other Apple products, the Apple Watch is also trendy. The excitement that builds up around any Apple software update is truly extraordinary and it happens for a reason only. The features that Apple introduces with every one of its updates are truly hype-worthy. Speaking of Apple updates, the watchOS 9, the latest OS for the Apple Watch is now available for download in Apple Watch 4 and the higher versions.

The new watchOS is packed with a plethora of exciting new features and even more beautiful watch faces. So, the Apple Watch (Series 7 Redesign) users surely have a lot to look forward to and once everyone gets the update, they will surely not be disappointed. 

What’s New In watchOS 9?

Of course, the new updated software for the Apple watch comes with a lot of new things. Apart from new watch faces, users will also get advanced running metrics, AFiB history functionality, an app for managing medications and most importantly the new OS will also help track sleep data accurately. 

More importantly, the watchOS 9 will also include a lower battery power mode that has been announced for the upcoming Apple Watch models Like the Apple Watch pro. So, in short, veteran watch owners will also be able to enjoy the features that will be included in the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and other upcoming models.

With this new update, Apple once again proved to all the tech lovers why they have the best smartwatch flagship in the market of all time. 

watchos 9 Release Date
watchos 9 Release Date

The watch faces that the new watchOS include are surely drool-worthy. While there is an astronomy watch face, it also includes a lunar watch face where the users can select and view even pre-modern calendars like the Islamic calendar.

Also, there is the metropolitan watch face. It includes beautiful typography, different fonts and a myriad of colour options. Plus, there is the new Playful watch face as well. It features an animated digital clock. More importantly, the existing watch faces will also be updated with complications. 

Furthermore, you will get the option to pin your favourite apps as well. There is also good news for pet owners. The watchOS 9 also comes with portrait mode for dogs as well as cats. So, there is also something for your furry children in the new OS. 

The sleep app has also received quite a boost in this watchOS 9. It can now track your sleep cycle and stage with pinpoint accuracy with the help of a heart rate monitor as well as an accelerometer. Plus, if you buy any of the upcoming Apple watches like the Watch Series 8 or Watch Ultra, it will also include a skin temperature reader to further improve the accuracy of the sleep app. 

When Will The watchOS 9 Be Released?

The watchOS 9 came out on 12th September 2022, just four days before the release of the Apple watch series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2022. The new Apple watch ultra which is releasing on September 23, 2022, will also run on watchOS 9. 

watchos 9 Release Date
watchos 9 Release Date

Now the question that many users have is whether their existing Apple watches will support the new update. Well, the users of Apple Watch 7, as well as Apple Watch SE, were never in doubt as it was evident that they received the annual update. However, the users of older models had doubts. As per the reports from officials of Apple, the update will be available for Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 6 as well. 

The Apple Watch 3 which was discontinued by Apple last August will not receive the updated software. So, if you have an Apple watch 4 or higher versions, you can be completely relieved. As always, the update will be free and available for all watch owners. 

If you are a proud owner of an Apple Watch, get the OS update and have fun with the new features. And if you plan to buy the newest edition of Apple watches, you are definitely in luck.

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