What Happened To Josh Hartnett? Leaving Hollywood Was ‘The Best Thing’ For His Career

At some point in the early 2000s, the actor was labeled “the new Tom Cruise” by Hollywood. Then Josh Hartnett appeared in a movie, and he became an overnight star. However, Hartnett faded from the spotlight almost as swiftly as he had come to it.

He left Hollywood permanently, and many in the business were unhappy with his decision. The possibility of Hartnett’s return to the big screen, though, has fans excited. He has returned to the public eye and is giving interviews in which he discusses his time away from Hollywood in an unguarded manner.

It turned out that cutting ties with Hollywood was “the best thing” for his professional and mental well-being. Don’t stop reading if you want to find out what happened to Josh Hartnett.

What Happened To Josh Hartnett
What Happened To Josh Hartnett

When Josh Hartnett First Began Acting, He Was Cast In Pivotal Roles?

According to his IMDb page, Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he attended and graduated from Minneapolis’ South High School in 1996. He earned his first TV role in April of 1997 while still a student at New York’s SUNY Purchase.

Unfortunately, his time as Michael Fitzgerald on Cracker: Mind Over Murder didn’t last long. However, Hollywood quickly took note of the promising young actor and he was soon cast in some commercials. In 1998, Hartnett became a box office sensation because of his leading performances in films like Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and The Faculty.

Incredible turns in films like Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, 30 Days of Night, and The Black Dahlia also helped establish his reputation. At once, he was hailed as a bright new star in the making. Then why, after all, he had accomplished, did he decide to give it all up?

What Happened To Josh Hartnett?

Then, where did Josh Hartnett go? The actor is currently doing interviews and discussing his time away from Hollywood. You may read some of his thoughts on E! Online. The desire to try on different artistic positions, for which he has more enthusiasm, had a role in his choice to leave.

What Happened To Josh Hartnett
What Happened To Josh Hartnett

The actor’s realization that one’s work should reflect one’s interests was “something I hit into early on,” stated Hartnett. Aside from helping his sanity, he thought avoiding contact with “Hollywood at bay” was a wise decision.

In a nutshell, Josh Hartnett was able to sidestep the trappings of stardom and wealth. Instead, he acknowledged filmmaking as a “luxury” that warranted as much attention as his family and personal life.

Where Does He Put All His Spare Time?

Josh Hartnett is currently talking about what he has been doing with all of his spare time during the three decades that he has been away from the spotlight. According to El Pais, Hartnett has been making the most of his existence in Surrey, England, where he lives in relative seclusion.

There, he has been able to take pleasure in an everyday life and a family life that is at least somewhat normal, thanks to his wife, Tamsin Egerton, and their three children. He believes that the past few years have been some of the best of all time.

It was just a random occurrence that led to Hartnett working in the film industry again. Guy Ritchie contacted him because he needed an actor substitute for the film project he was working on with Jason Statham called “The Wrath of Man.”

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Since Hartnett happened to live close to the set, he volunteered to step in and fill the role, and he was given the creative leeway to improvise his character. It’s possible that Hartnett’s return to the film industry was a factor in his decision to work on another movie with Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham.

What Happened To Josh Hartnett
What Happened To Josh Hartnett

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre is an upcoming action and comedy film about super spies that may be released in the year 2022. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Josh Hartnett has been added to the already impressive roster that also features Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, and Hugh Grant.

Josh Hartnett has not changed his approach to picking and choosing the roles he will play. Fans, however, should not lose hope that the actor will soon make a comeback to the big screen. And it appears that no one is bothered by his decision to stay away in order to protect his mental health and his family life, nor does anyone hold it against him as a negative trait.

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