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The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

You can forget about London. New York, please move over. The title of “world’s best bar” has been awarded to Paradiso, located in Barcelona. With the creation of the World’s 50 Best Bars list in 2009, it is the first time that a bar located outside of New York City or London has won the top spot.

Paradiso is a Mediterranean-style speakeasy run by Giacomo Giannotti and Margarita Sader and hidden behind the freezer door of a pastrami bar in Barcelona’s hip El Born neighbourhood. In 2021, the bar reached a new high of No. 2. “To win is to take on a great duty, as well as a great honor.

To maintain our reputation as the finest, we will strive tirelessly without compromising our values. Our libations are an attempt to stretch the imagination, “On Tuesday night, Giannotti revealed the news to 50 Best. “However, a lot of effort is required. As one’s level of effort increases, so does the level of knowledge gained and the scope of imagination allowed.

The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

We will toast the occasion and then return to our regular hangout at the bar.” In a first for the event, the 50 Best awards were unveiled Tuesday night in Barcelona rather than London. Three of the top 10 bars in 2022 are located in this lively Catalan capital. From the 37th rank in 2021 to the third spot this year, Sips was the “highest climber” of the year.

At number seven, we have two dweebs. Four Spanish establishments placed in the top 50, with the 15th spot going to Salmon Guru in Madrid. In 2022, some Italian watering holes entered the top 50 list, including watering holes in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Naples. L’Antiquario Napoli, a newcomer to the top 50, has landed at No. 46, making Naples, in the south, the first Italian city to crack the top 50.

Both Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and Florence, Italy, made their maiden appearances. While not the best place to have a martini anymore, London is still a top attraction for travelers throughout the world. The Connaught Bar, which had been ranked first for two years running, fell to eighth place this year, one of five London watering holes to cut.

Award show host Mark Sansom called London’s Tayr + Elementary “one of the most creative bars on the planet,” and they were able to maintain their 2020 ranking as the world’s second-best bar. More of the best bars may be found in Europe than anywhere else.
The top 650 were determined by a poll among 650 professional bartenders, bar owners, drinks writers, and cocktail specialists.

The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

The Top Bars Around The World In 2022

1. Paradiso, Barcelona (Winner: Best Bar in Europe)
2. Tayēr + Elementary, London
3. Sips, Barcelona (Winner: Highest Climber)
4. Licorería Limantour, Mexico City (Winner: Best Bar in North America, Legend of the List)
5. Little Red Door, Paris (Winner: Sustainable Bar Award)
6. Double Chicken Please, New York (Winner: Highest New Entry)
7. Two Schmucks, Barcelona
8. The Connaught Bar, London
9. Katana Kitten, New York
10. Alquímico, Cartegena (Winner: Best Bar in South America)
11. Handshake Speakeasy, Mexico City
12. Jigger & Pony, Singapore (Winner: Best Bar in Asia)
13. Hanky-Panky, Mexico City (Winner: Art of Hospitality)
14. Bangkok Social Club, Bangkok (Winner: Best New Opening)
15. Salmon Guru, Madrid
16. Drink Kong, Rome
17. Coa, Hong Kong
18. Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aires
19. The Clumsies, Athens
20. Baba au Rum, Athens
21. Cafe La Trova, Miami
22. Attaboy, New York
23. Satan’s Whiskers, London
24. Tropic City, Bangkok
25. Kumiko, Chicago
What Visitors Will Find In Bars Right Now

Since the pandemic has made it less appealing to hop from bar to bar, Sansom claims that establishments are responding by providing more live entertainment and expanding their food menus to keep consumers entertained for longer periods. Additionally, there is a blurring of definitions between beverages and foods.

The 2022 Edition Of The Top Bars In The World Has Been Announced

Sansom once again used New York’s Double Chicken Please as an example of how “the methods and flavours associated with food and gastronomy are developing in cocktails and cocktail craft.” From the Waldorf Salad (made with whisky, apple, celery, ginger ale, and walnut bitters) to the Japanese Cold Noodle, the bar’s Back Room menu is full of libations that take inspiration from food.

Food-related flavors are also heavily used in Two Schmucks in Barcelona. According to Sansom, “I think its Curry Colada is one of the nicest drinks I’ve ever sipped.” He said that within the past decade, centrifuges and other once-reserved laboratories have made their way into cocktail bars dedicated to the art of mixing drinks.

Paradiso, the best bar in the world, uses bespoke glassware that, at times, serves as an inspiration for the drink rather than the other way around. In light of the events of the past several years, Sansom argued that it is now more crucial than ever to provide exceptional hospitality.

“After the epidemic, bars became much more cognizant of the importance of each customer and of making them feel wanted, comfortable, and secure as they entered those establishments.”

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