How and When Did My Chemical Romance Break Up?

When My Chemical Romance announced this year that they were getting back together, they made a lot of fans happy all over the world.

Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro who make up the Welcome to the Black Parade band, confirmed that they would get back together this year for shows all over the world.

Even though things have slowed down a bit, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see the emo rockers again soon. In fact, their lead singer has shown that he’s been busy by putting out a collection of solo songs called “Distraction Or Despair.”

At what point did My Chemical Romance break up?

MCR’s breakup was made official on March 22, 2013. Sources says that their last live show was at Bamboozle 2012 in New Jersey, USA.

In a statement on their website they told their fans: “Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go places we never knew we would. We’ve been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We’ve shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support and for being part of the adventure.”

When Did My Chemical Romance Break Up
When Did My Chemical Romance Break Up

The story seems simple and short but was there more to it? Was there a fight behind the scenes, like with Gallagher?

What caused My Chemical Romance to break up?

In 2014, a year after the split, Gerard Way said that “nobody” was to blame. The rocker told Zane Lowe at the time, as reported by NME that even though the band was “pretty upset,” they felt “It was time.”

He told the DJ, “I think because it was so special and it was such an amazing thing… to keep going and let it rust out on the rails? That was not the way that band was supposed to go out.”

The Na Na Na rocker added: “It wasn’t an easy thing to come to. It was sad, because it wasn’t a situation where anybody hated each other. It was nobody’s fault.”

“You should always be doing new things and changing and growing as a human being,” said Way, adding with Chemical Romance it was “Mission accomplished!”

But after a few years, the real reason they broke up became clearer. Lead singer Gerard Way said it just stopped being fun. The Helena singer told The Guardian that making things was no longer fun.

“I think breaking up the band broke us out of that machine.” And they did break out of “that machine.” In 2014, the rocker put out his first solo album, Hesitant Alien.

Fans can rest assured that they’ll at least see more of My Chemical Romance in the future, even if the band doesn’t stay together or doesn’t make new music.

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