Are Youtube Star Lexi Rivera And Andrew Davila Dating?

The fascination with Lexi Rivera’s romantic relationships never seems to go away. Every time she publishes a post, her followers ask her about who she is dating, and every time she writes something mysterious about love, online detectives investigate.

Rivera, on the other hand, is unmoved by the pressure: over her decade-long career in social media, she has only infrequently revealed a romantic relationship. The most recent gossip about Lexi’s romantic life suggests that she is dating Andrew Davila, one of her frequent collaborators.

It’s possible that Andrew is even more secretive than Lexi, and this drives his admirers crazy. Fans anticipate that the Texan, who is beautiful and whose social media empire is expanding all the time, will be more forthcoming about the women in his life.

Is Lexi And Andrew Dating
Is Lexi And Andrew Dating

Lexi And Andrew Teased A Romance But Denied It

There is a lot of teamwork between Lexi and Andrew. Many of Lexi’s followers have noticed that whenever she shares content on her account that has a romantic undertone, it almost always involves Andrew Davila.

After Lexi uploaded a video with the caption “my ex meets my new lover,” rumours began circulating about the couple. Lexi revealed her new beau Ben Azelart to Andrew in a video message. The caveat that Sarah and Andrew are “very good friends” was offered, though.

In June of 2021, Andrew shared a video on his channel in which Lexi appeared. At first, it appeared like the two were confirming their connection, but later, they backtracked. As a form of playful taunting, the two said:

We do have some really exciting news to share with you. It’s about time, man, but it took a while. I’m dating this girl named Lexi. We’ve been together for almost two weeks, and we’re both really happy, huh sweetie?

Andrew and I have a lot of affection for each other, and things are moving forward with the landry. There would be a kiss, they said, before exclaiming, “Gotcha folks! Of course, you all know that Lexi and I are just good friends and not a dating couple. I apologise to all you seafarers who prefer land.

It’s possible that Lexi and Andrew are still secretly dating and that their friendship has just deepened. Rivera may be disguising a relationship with Andrew because she has a history of engaging in secret dating.

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Rivera is probably seeing someone besides Andrew, as well. Lexi shared images from a Paris hotel with herĀ at the end of January. Her brother, Brent Rivera, made note of the champagne bottle and glasses in the foreground. In the City of Eternal Love, was Lexi on a date? The suspense is killing us!

Ben Azelart And Rivera Dated Intermittently Before Breaking Up

Dating between Lexi and Ben Azelart began that same year (2017). Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the couple’s split video in 2020 November that we found out about the connection (see what we mean about Lexi dating in secret).

The two were effusive in their appreciation of each other before admitting to having an elusive on-and-off romance. Ben said that the couple’s online-only relationship was a strain during a critical time in their life. Online dating, he said, is an entirely new ballgame.

Is Lexi And Andrew Dating
Is Lexi And Andrew Dating

Given our relative youth at the time, we found the whole situation to be quite perplexing and difficult to navigate. We passed through the formative years between adolescence and adulthood. It became very intricate and unclear throughout the years.

With his words, Ben kept the option open for them to reconnect. Azelart remarked, “This isn’t just a forever phenomenon, I’d think.” Azelart and Lexi are still friendly toward one another, and a reconciliation between the two is possible. Azelart has an advantage over other suitors because of his friendship with Laura, Lexi’s mother. Laura: “Ben will always have a special place in my heart because you two dated for so long.

On Social Media, Davila Has Never Shown His Affection

Davila is very private when it comes to his personal life, including his romantic relationships. That, or he has never been in a relationship, which is hard to believe.

Friends at AwesomenessTV held a speed dating event with six women in an effort to pair Andrew off with one of them. Though Davila may have gone out with a LA girl named Alexis, he probably didn’t pursue a relationship with her.

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