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Cheryl Burke Calls Matthew Lawrence’s Dog Custody Battle “Cruel”

Cheryl Burke Dog Custody Battle

Cheryl Burke Dog Custody Battle

Cheryl Burke is talking about the dog case she and her ex-husband Matthew Lawrence are still in court over. Even though the Dancing with the Stars pro’s divorce from Lawrence, 42, was finalized in September, they are still fighting over who gets to keep their dog, Ysabella.

Burke, who is 38 years old, was honest about how the custody battle has made him feel. “Oh, I’m gonna cry,” she told Entertainment Tonight while speaking about their dog. “It’s just really sad, you know.”

“It sucks because, for me, it’s just cruel,” she said. “She’s my dog, and it was a gift from my ex, and I hope that this soon, you know, dies down, and he calls it off. Because you’re taking, like, my daughter away from me.” In a recent episode of her podcast, Burke in the Game, Cheryl Burke also talked about the custody battle.

“We are going to go to trial — unless he all of a sudden calls it off, but that would happen… and that will happen in January,” Burke said on the episode. “I’m just still really hurt by the whole situation. You know, that’s my dog. Ysabella is my daughter.”

“I’m a dog mom. And that’s it. I can’t even imagine my life. I mean, I could just cry right now but, like, couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

At the time, Burke’s lawyer, Scott Klopert, said in a statement to PEOPLE, “The firm does not comment on pending litigation.”

It looks like Burke has had Ysabella ever since they broke up. After they said they were getting a divorce, Burke and the dog went on a healing trip to the place where she and Lawrence got married in 2019.

Burke has been busy competing on Dancing with the Stars with Sam Champion and taking care of her dog. The two people have kicked off the show last night because they were in the bottom two for the second week in a row.

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