Tom Delonge Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The American Musician?

The founder of Blink-182, Tom Delonge is a reputed American musician, and record producer who also evolved as an entrepreneur. With his band Blink-182, Tom Delonge’s net worth skyrocketed. Apart from founding the band, he was the co-lead guitarist and vocalist for the same. After that, Tom Delonge’s net worth and talent allowed him to form another band, “Angels and Airwaves”. His iconic nasal singing voice was the main reason behind the success of his group, Blink-182.  However, after an internal issue within the band, Tom Delonge was kicked out of the group and then he became a successful entrepreneur. 

Tom explored his talents by being a filmmaker and even went deep into science by being a UFO researcher. Thus, today, we will be discussing Tom Delonge’s net worth, his journey to fame, and everything important in his life.

Tom Delonge’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Tom Delonge’s net worth is a lucrative $70 million. He has been wrapped in riches and luxury. He owned a house in Rancho, Santa Fe, California which he sold for $6.3 million.

Tom Delonge’s net worth helps him make wise real estate investments. He bought his primary residence for $5.5 million back in 2005. With Tom Delonge’s net worth, he even purchased a home in Del Mar, California that he sold in 2018. Tom is quite the example to follow for real estate dealings.

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Tom Delonge’s Early Life

On 13th December 1975, Tom DeLonge was born in Poway, California. Tom Delonge’s net worth wasn’t there since childhood. His family wasn’t that well-off and he was brought up in a very middle-class household. His father worked as an oil company executive whereas his mother had served as a mortgage broker. Initially, he used to play guitar at church camps and after his talent was known, his friends gifted him an acoustic guitar. He started to compose his own songs that he used to play from the two siblings he had.

However, music wasn’t his only talent. Tom excelled as a skateboarder and this drew him to explore more punk music. Since Tom Delonge’s net worth and successful musical career was his ultimate goal, Tom tried to form his own band multiple times. Must check Bob Costas Net Worth

Tom Delonge’s Career

Tom never gave up. He formed the popular band, Blink-182 only at the age of 17. The musician was in high school. With drummer Scott Raynor as well as bassist Mark Hoppus, they started their jamming sessions. Writer DeLonge also joined to write down the music. Tom Delonge’s net worth primarily launched when the band recorded “Buddha” in 1994 which was originally a demo cassette.  The band so impressed the record producers that Cargo Records signed Blink-182 and they debuted their album “Cheshire Cat” in 1995. 

Though the album wasn’t well-received initially, critics couldn’t stop praising it. With Tom Delonge’s net worth set on his mind, the band started touring and multiple record labels loved them. Finally, they got another deal with Epitaph Records under whom their second album, “Dude Ranch” was released. It earned gold status. Tom Delonge’s net worth was at its best but sadly, the band had to fire Raynor for his heavy drinking. Travis Barker replaced Rayner and became the new drummer for Blink-182.

It was only successful after that. Albums like “Enema if the State” (1999) was massive hits that gave worldwide fame to the band. They continued to make music, however, Tom slowly got away from the band that he created. So, he was no longer a part of the group and started another band, Angels & Airwaves. But in 2008, he reunited again with Blink-182 to release another music album.

Besides all of these, Tom Delonge’s net worth is also dependent on his various business ventures. He founded a holding group named “Really Likable People” (RLP). Next, he started a website that would sell clothes for youngsters. Later in 2001, the musician formed another clothing brand, “Atticus Clothing” with his friend.  Then he launched a footwear line, “Macbeth Footwear” a year later. In 2007, he began “Modlife” which had popular clients like Pearl Jam and Kanye West.

With Tom Delonge’s net worth, he also invested in UFO research. He founded “To The Stars Inc” which had aerospace as well as segments. Though the company has had more than $37 million in losses, he passionately continued it until merging the company with “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences”.

Tom Delonge’s Personal Life

In 2001, Tom Delonge exchanged vows with his wife Jennifer Jenkins DeLonge. They proceeded to have two children named Ava Elizabeth DeLonge and Jonas Rocket DeLonge. But the couple split in 2019 and after that, Tom married Rita Marie in 2021.

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