Harry And Meghan Will Not Be Invited To The Coronation If They Criticize The Royals

The Sussexes might anticipate revoking their invitation to the Coronation if Harry and Meghan make Charles, other royals, and especially Camilla targets in Harry’s biography and Netflix series.

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Suppose Prince Harry disparages his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, in his next book. In that case, King Charles probably won’t invite Meghan Markle and Harry to his Coronation, a friend of the new monarch has informed The Daily Beast.

The buddy remarked He adores her. Almost everything Charles has done over the last twenty years has been about getting Camilla acceptable to the public. She is the object of his fiercest defense, and he would be powerless without her.

Even the queen, in the end, agreed with that. If Harry forces Charles to decide by attacking Camilla in his book, I have no doubt he would pick Camilla. It is one thing for Harry to criticize Charles; he can take it on the chin.

Harry and Meghan will not be invited to the Coronation
Harry and Meghan will not be invited to the Coronation

About this article, the palace declined to respond to The Daily Beast. The guest list issue is merely on the “TBC” list, according to palace insiders, leaving Harry and Meghan’s inclusion or exclusion completely open.

It seems impossible to believe that Harry won’t include a blow-by-blow account of the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage, which was brought on in part, as Diana clearly stated, by Charles’ ongoing affair with Camilla. Harry has promised his still-scheduled memoir will be an “entirely honest” account of his life.

Diana made it clear to Andrew Morton that Camilla was not an innocent spectator and that she shared equal blame with Charles for the continuation of the affair in his book Diana, Her True Story.

In one particularly memorable interaction described by Morton in Diana: In Her Own Words, Camilla invited Diana to lunch before her wedding and reportedly asked Diana if she would go hunting with Charles after their nuptials. Diana promised not to.

“Diana later realized that Camilla saw Charles’ love of hunting as a conduit to maintaining her relationship with him,” Morton wrote.

The Daily Beast is aware of the high level of apprehension in Charles’ inner circle on what the book may expose, not the least because a full-throated attack on Camilla’s persona would be disastrous for Charles.

Harry has not yet attacked Camilla in the same way that he has his father, whom he has accused of severing his financial ties, refusing to answer his calls, being indifferent to his suffering, and many other alleged cruelties. Still, it is notable that he has not saluted Camilla’s accession to the throne.

There is no doubt that Charles would prefer Harry and Meghan to attend his Coronation, according to Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals and royal journalist for Vanity Fair, who spoke to The Daily Beast.

To be fair to Charles, he has shown kindness by publicly extending an olive branch to the Sussexes in his broadcast accession speech and by making sure they were prominently displayed at the burial festivities.

However, he does demand respect in return, and there will be an issue if Harry criticizes him, Camilla, or the institution between now and then. He won’t put up with unjust and misleading criticism.

“The ball is in the Sussexes’ court. The royals, just like the rest of us, are waiting to see what they will do next.”
— Katie Nicholl

Regarding safeguarding the institution, the queen was ruthless, and Charles will be too. This may be evidenced by the lack of urgency with which Archie and Lilibet were named prince and princess. According to what I understand, Charles is open to bestowing titles on the Sussexes in exchange for their respect.

The Sussexes are in control of the game. Like the rest of us, the royals are anticipating their next move.

The great “known unknown” that prevents genuine reconciliation or a sense of arriving at a new, stable accommodation, however uncomfortable, between the two sides is the question of what the Sussexes intend to do. How deeply they will dish, how painful and damaging will the secrets they reveal in their next salvos.

While the queen was still alive, both sides could almost live with the ambiguity, even though it was unhelpful. According to one version of events, Harry and Meghan planned to release their movie and book this year and then spend the next year mending fences.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth utterly destroyed the viability of such a plan. There has been no indication that Harry and Meghan made an effort to make amends while they were in the UK for the queen’s funeral rites. However, Windsor’s obstinacy is a strong force.

Despite a few well-planned joint events with William, Harry was reportedly enraged by several perceived sleights, including being seated in the second row at the funeral in Westminster Abbey, being permitted to wear a uniform during a vigil for the queen but having the queen’s EIIR cipher, designating his role as aide-de-camp, removed, being prohibited from wearing uniform at other times, and William’s camp informing journalists that their joint events with Harry were

“Their actions over the next few weeks could decide not just what relations with the royals will be like for the coronation in May, but what they will be like for the rest of their lives.”
— Duncan Larcombe

If the Montecito, California, couple were serious about making enough amends with the royals to obtain an invitation for Camila and Charles’ wedding, Duncan Larcombe, the royal author and former royal editor at the Sun, told The Daily Beast that an excellent first step would be to wish William and Kate well when they visit Boston in December to promote the Earth shot prize.

He continued that what Harry and Meghan say and do over the following months is truly important. Their choices over the coming weeks could determine how they will interact with the royal family before the Coronation in May and how they will interact with them in the future. Everything hinges on what he says in particular in his book, which is the first to be written by a royal family member and is, by a significant margin, the most anticipated royal book of all time.

If the palace rejects Harry’s invitation, one way to get around it is for them to state that the Coronation is a professional function, not a family affair. Thus it is for working royals only.

While Harry’s exclusion from the invitation to accompany his father on the most important day of his life will be an extraordinary snub, it is also difficult to understand how the king can extend the invitation if Harry is sticking machetes in Charles and Camilla’s backs while promoting his book in the background of the Coronation.

Larcombe continued, “Charles seems to be holding back until he sees what they come up with. Although they are legally and historically entitled to those titles, he has not yet declared Harry and Meghan’s children to be prince and princess.”

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That carrot could be offered for many years to come. Charles is not in a rush to declare anything, and he might find solace in claims that Harry is feverishly attempting to change the passages in the book that are the most damning about his father.

Harry and Meghan must face the fact that everything has changed.

Yes, they do require the funds. Harry must be considering if it is feasible to take on one of the most powerful men in the world, a monarch with complete control over the complex machinery of the British state.

They aren’t arguing with a meddling princeling, as the Coronation will make apparent. They’re arguing with a monarch, which is a very other proposition.


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A friend of the new queen told The Daily Beast that King Charles is unlikely to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to his Coronation if Harry attacks the queen consort, Camilla, in his upcoming book.

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