Nicki Minaj Is Upset That The Grammys Eliminated “Super Freaky Girl” From The Rap Category

Tonight, Minaj vented her frustration over being included in the “pop” category on several social media platforms. Nicki Minaj has resorted to social media Tonight to voice her displeasure with the Recording Academy, the organization responsible for bestowing Grammy Awards.

The organization has decided that Nicki Minaj’s latest song, “Super Freaky Girl,” does not meet the requirements to participate as a rap song at the annual awards event. As a result, the music will be placed in the “pop” category rather than the “rap” category.

It’s a peculiar choice, considering that “Super Freaky Girl” is now at the top of Billboard’s rap charts and that “Super Freaky Girl” prominently features Nicki Minaj rapping, despite heavily sampling Rick James’ “Super Freak.” Like, a lot.

Nicki Minaj not happy as Grammys kick
Nicki Minaj not happy as Grammys kick

Minaj called out a move that she regards as a double standard on Twitter and Instagram this evening, stating that she has “no problem” with being moved out of the rap category as long as “we r ALL being treated FAIRLY.”

She singled out Latto’s song “Big Energy” as being more of a pop song than the one she had written herself, and she asked that, if “Super Freaky Girl” was moved, then “Big Energy” should be relocated as well. (We were told that anyone who disagrees with this assessment is either a troll or a hater of Nicki Minaj.)

Tonight, Billboard itself drew the notice of the inconsistency, which is understandable considering that the publication has already decided in a manner that is rather definitive that the song featuring actual rapping from Nicki Minaj is a rap song.

Others have pointed out that MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” which was also powered by James’ admittedly infectious hook, was readily accepted for Best Rap Performance way back in 1990, so it most likely can’t just be a matter of the song having an especially pop-y beat as the reason for the award.

The Grammy nominees’ announcement is expected to occur on November 15.

Minaj, whose music occasionally straddles the line between pop and more traditional rap, has taken umbrage at the idea that a song of hers isn’t “real rap” more than once, as THR notes; she pulled out of a concert organized by Hot 97 a few years back after host Peter Rosenberg made similar comments about “Starships.”

This isn’t the first time Minaj has offended the idea that a song of hers isn’t Tonight. Her ire eventually swung directly to Latto; Minaj uploaded several private messages from the “Big Energy” rapper asking her for features, accusing her of manipulative conduct, and just overall kicked off what appeared to be a reasonably hellacious spat between the two of them.

Final Lines:

Nicki Minaj expressed her displeasure with the Recording Academy on Twitter Tonight. Minaj’s single “Super Freaky Girl” won’t compete as a rap song at the annual awards event but as a “pop” tune.

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