‘The Rings Of Power’ Finale: Even The Actor Who Plays Sauron Wasn’t Aware Of His Identity At First

This article contains spoilers for the season one conclusion of The Rings of Power.

You were aware of it. Right? Did you know that the King of Southland would trundle Sauron all along? Halbrand was first seen at the beginning of Prime Video power rings episode two, emerging from the mist on a raft with protruding planks that resembled Sauron’s helmet.

As the character dropped hints about his true Identity, hiding a much darker past, Halbrand came under intense fan scrutiny. Below, British actor Charlie Vickers (Palm Beach) discusses his dual identity role, why parts of Halbrand’s actions that appear out of character for Sauron make sense, and what the character will do next.

So when did you know?

It wasn’t until the third episode that I was confident. After filming the first two episodes, COVID forced a break in the show’s production. The showrunners sat me down at the end of the holiday and informed me. This scene was captured on the raft without my knowledge. I gave it my all while acting as Halbrand.

If I’m being honest with you, I did have a thought, though. We all know that Richard III isn’t the most significant person in the world, yet I read lines from him in my previous two auditions. The last lines of the audition, in which you speak as Satan, were about the lost paradise. So that gave me a notion that there was anything. I was, therefore, very skeptical, but it wasn’t confirmed until right before the third episode’s filming started.

I want to take you on the character’s journey because I believe it will cause people to reevaluate all of his scenes. What do you make of his introduction on this raft, then? Galadriel claims that their meeting was planned by a higher force, but did he set out to meet her?

I’m aware of that. But it would be better, in my opinion, if this question went unanswered because we learn about that backstory. In due course, an answer will be provided to this query.

‘The Rings Of Power’ Finale
‘The Rings Of Power’ Finale

There are so many hints that when I rewatched the early episodes with the concept that Halbrand was Sauron, it almost seemed beautifully clear. Which did you like best?

There are some enjoyable parts. “Appearances can be deceiving” is my second statement on the raft. I was playing Sauron at the time, but I wasn’t aware of it! But as I reflect, I say to myself, “Wow, that’s all there.” I believe there was a point when fans who are well-versed in the lore raised the alarm when I entered NmeNumenord stop by the forge.

It was difficult for some fans to think that Sauron would genuinely desire to work as an apprentice blacksmith in NmeNumenorhich served as a barrier to their acceptance of the theory that Halbrand could be Sauron. What was the inspiration for this setting?

A blacksmith, he is. He is an expert in the blacksmithing field. You have to consider that in terms of where Sauron is when we first encounter him. In The Silmarillion, Tolkien makes it clear that he is sorry, if not out of fear.

Therefore, rather than asking whether he apologized, the question is whether his apology was sincere. He was made lower. He came close to becoming embarrassed. That’s about as low as it gets when you watch him drifting around on a raft. Tolkien discusses Sauron’s re-emergence and how he lurked in Middle-earth for a long time before slowly regaining control.

He used these exact phrases. And I believe that’s why he’s there looking for a job—to find a way to return. The idea of reconstructing it is incredibly fascinating. It was recrebuiltmerous times throughout Arda’s history. Here’s an illustration.

I ask myself, Well, why would Tolkien’s second-greatest villain in terms of power find a job as a blacksmith in NmeNumenorIf his repentance is sincere, he is genuinely attempting to flee wickedness and searching for a new life. But if his repentance isn’t genuine, if he’s acting it, then perhaps this is a ploy to buy time and make himself seem occupied in Numenor while he waits for events to occur.

There are two ways to look at it. I have a response for you that I applied to the persona. But I believe it’s intriguing to keep it open-ended so that people can read into it what they will. A program insider noted that Sauron the Deceiver never flat-out lies in his conversation in season one. Do you also comprehend this?

It is real. It interests me because he is this deceiver and must fully assume this form to deceive. You need to thoroughly immerse someone in what they’re doing to win over someone like Galadriel, and for me, that meant entirely immersing myself in Halbrand’s persona.

But it has all been done in Sauron’s mind. But yes, he says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry about all this,” I believe in the sixth episode. Regarding your brother, I’m sorry. that is accurate. Galadriel cannot see what is necessary for her to see. She doesn’t recognize the veracity of the assertion.

I enjoyed how he told Galadriel to find out what Sauron would do with the rings by saying, Identity what your opponent fears the most…

And provide him with a means of taming it so you may control them. He also tells her he needs to return to Middle-earth because he hasn’t found it there in a long time. Please allow me to keep it for the benefit of both of us. Even as Halbrand, the latter is absurd. Why would his staying in N’menor benefit her more? Only if he is Sauron does this work.


In the epilogue, he declares that Galadriel should rule as his queen. Is something there that draws you in, or was it all just a power move?

All I perceive is a game of power. This cosmic link serves as the conduit for any attraction to or interest in her. Both she and he had been there for a very long time. He doesn’t often come across someone on his level.

Therefore, it must have been thrilling for him. But when he explains this to her, it all boils down to her fear or hope for self-advancement since, at the time, that’s who she is to him. With her by his side, he has a way to reclaim his position of authority. In the short term, it will be more successful, but in the long run, I believe he will only be content if he is in charge and by himself.

What sort of world does he see when he claims he wants to restore Middle-Earth? Although Sauron is typically associated with darkness and a volcano, he joyfully referred to NmeNumenor as a paradise and appeared to wish to reside there.

I believe he has a deep appreciation for beauty. And because he despises and dislikes the gods so much, I think he intended to establish a separate paradise from Valinor to mock them. It has to do with organizing and recovery. Tolkien mentions his desire to eliminate pointless conflict from Middle-earth.

It is all perplexing to consider the planet’s situation, the Southlands, the dispersed tribes, and the fighting factions. In his view, Middle-recovery Earth reorganizes everything under his single dominion. It reveals Middle-earth’s majesty, beauty, and wonder, yet everything needs to be highly structured and planned. He can only be satisfied if he can take responsibility and place orders precisely as he desires.

The showrunners for the second season informed me that Sauron would play a significant role in the season and that he would be active in operating and manipulating events. What is your character up to in the upcoming season?

It’s a tremendously fascinating season because you’re starting to understand Sauron for who he truly is. It has been evident during this time of remorse. This is the time when we witness him carry out his intentions.

He is moving the pieces on the board while you are alongside him. We shall see certain aspects of the lore I liked reading about in The Silmarillion that are so deep, intriguing, and exhilarating. Next season, some incredibly well-known tales will be revealed.

Last, actors in genre television and film frequently have to maintain secrets. But it was a rather significant one that generated a lot of rumors. Have you encountered any difficulties without sharing them along the way?

Friends have called me “Sauron” ever since the first episode aired. I have to put them on hold or send them down a different road, even though they are some of my best friends. It’s been suggested that I might be the Witch King or the King of the Dead.

People have pointed out images of the King of the Dead, essentially a skeleton, and said, “You look precisely like that guy.” When I initially learned about the players, the only person I could talk about was. So, being able to share it is a relief.

Last Lines:

The ‘Rings of Power’ performer explains how his character was dishonest without lying in the first season. The Rings of Power episode 2’s introduction. Halbrand has been the subject of fan attention as he dropped hints that his Aragorn-like Identity veiled a darker history.

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