G4 Shuts Down After Layoffs Frosk Firing WWE Deal Falls Apart

G4 Shuts Down After Layoffs Frosk firing WWE Deal Falls Apart: According to a story from Deadline quoting an internal email from Comcast Spectacor CEO Dave Scott, the video game-focused television and web network G4 is closing down after major layoffs less than a year after its comeback.

The network has not produced sustainable financial results, Scott said, despite the network’s efforts over the past few months to stimulate interest in G4. Instead, Scott noted that viewing is low. This is undoubtedly not what we had hoped for, thus we have made the extremely tough decision to stop G4’s operations immediately.

Despite G4’s difficulties throughout 2022, the shutdown was unexpected. The Washington Post obtained a copy of another email that G4 CEO Joe Marsh sent to colleagues on Sunday, informing them that the company’s Los Angeles location would be closed until October 18 and that all broadcasts had been canceled. But the termination of the network was not mentioned in that communication.

G4 Shuts Down After Layoffs Frosk Firing WWE Deal Falls Apart
G4 Shuts Down After Layoffs Frosk Firing WWE Deal Falls Apart

Additionally, former G4 workers who asked to remain anonymous because they had signed nondisclosure agreements claimed to The Post that staff members had been locked out of internal communication tools like Slack and Google Drive without warning.

Ex-employees claim the crew from “Arena,” a program created as part of a signed agreement with the WWE, departed last week. G4 is Comcast’s attempt to revive an early 2000s network that foresaw what televised video game entertainment could entail years before content producers on YouTube and Twitch started attracting millions of people.

Despite repeated attempts to bring these creators on board—twitch stars like AustinShow (who has not publicly revealed his full name) hosted shows like “Name Your Price”—the network was never able to compete effectively against the individual influencers who themselves drew inspiration from G4’s original, 2002–2014 iteration.

It appears that expenses for guest performers contributed to the closure. The Post spoke with a number of G4 staffers who claimed that some well-known producers requested day fees between $25,000 and $30,000 when asked to appear as guests on G4.

Several things happened before G4’s downfall. When former president Russell Arons left G4 at the end of August, the downward spiral that ended on Sunday started. More than 20 crew members, many of whom worked on programs like the flagship “X-Play” video game review and commentary program, were let go by G4 in September.

A week later, Kotaku revealed that “X-Play” anchor Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, one of the resurrected G4’s most recognisable figures, had left the network. Later on in the same month, Kevin Pereira, who served as host of the revival of the geek culture variety show “Attack of the Show” and was one of its biggest stars during its initial run from 2005 to 2013, also left.

Scott apologized in the memo from Sunday. He wrote, “I know this is upsetting news, and I’m also disappointed.” “I want to thank you and the entire G4 team for your dedication to the network and hard work,”

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