Who Is Briana Dejesus Dating? She Makes Her New Boyfriend Public

This time, it’s the uncrowned queen of disputes. On July 19, 2022, Briana DeJesus, the star of Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Teen Mom 2, made things with her new lover, Bobby Scott’s Instagram official.

Fans and members of the Teen Mom 2 cast and crew responded passionately to the announcement immediately. Why? Bobby used to serve as a security guard for the program. Why are Briana’s cast members upset about her connection with Bobby? Find out by reading on.

Briana Dejesus Met Her New Boyfriend On The Set Of ‘Teen Mom’

Bobby and Briana have not yet gone to great lengths regarding their relationship. They did, however, seem to imply that they are already cohabitating, which would indicate that they are serious.
Strangely enough, Briana has only recently wholly deleted her Instagram profile. It’s unclear if she did it in response to the barrage of remarks about their age difference and the alleged mass firing that some claim occurred after she started dating the former security guard from Teen Mom 2 or both.
In any case, the most recent relationship news probably had a more significant impact on the Teen Mom 2 cast and crew than most partnerships shown on the program.
who is Briana Dejesus dating
who is Briana Dejesus dating
Ashley’s Reality Roundup speculates that the relationship may have led to a mass termination since the producers chose to impose harsher rules on interactions between cast members and crew.
According to a source close to Teen Mom 2’s cast and crew, “producers, staff personnel, and even some of the cast members are upset.”
So many wonderful people lost their jobs due to Briana and Bobby, and those folks didn’t do anything wrong. Some of them have worked there since the beginning. It’s pretty depressing and unprofessional. They are now displaying their relationship as if nothing ever occurred. You can check more related articles On Lee Daily.

Ashley’s Reality Roundup speculates that the relationship may still be developing. According to a source who spoke to the publication, Briana and Bobby began dating following the filming of the Teen Mom Family Reunion. The 2021 Teen Mom Family Reunion filming took place in Lake San Marcos, California.
According to a source in the production, “Bobby used to work security on Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookoutshoots]’s, but he met Briana when she came to San Diego to film Teen Mom Family Reunion last year.” “That’s when they first started dating, although nobody else was aware. Since then, they have spoken, but it has been quiet.”
If the reports are accurate, Briana might be remembered as a trailblazer because she was one of the few Teen Mom 2 cast members to start an affair successfully.

Briana Dejesus And Bobby Scott’s Age Gap Has Also Been Criticised

Briana’s 28th birthday is May 21, 2022. Bobby, however, is said to be in his fifties. The age difference between the celebrity and the former security guard for Teen Mom 2 gave gossip-hungry followers much to talk about.
According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Briana and her new boyfriend received most of the abuse in the form of Instagram comments, which vanished after she deleted her profile.
Final Line
Briana DeJesus revealed her mystery lover a year after breaking up with Javi Gonzalez. Briana shared a romantic video with her new lover, but people claim he looks like another famous boyfriend.
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